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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Malaysia Airline 370 is an international terrorist game changer

All people identified as terrorist should be tried in absentia by an international court and sentenced to death. 

Malaysia's airline disappearance is a terrorist act of unknown etiology. 

Obviously, if the airliner had crashed into the ocean, there'd be evidence, by now, of floating debris. There are just too many who are looking for any piece of junk or substances to miss finding floating crash debris. Therefore, with an experienced but unknown pilot involved in the airplane's mysterious disappearance, it's clear the intention of the hijacking was motivated by terrorism of unknown etiology. Now that 9 days have passed without any substantial information about the flight, it seems like whoever or whatever happened has changed the nature of terrorist surveillance. 

This airliner plot is too sinister to understand, so whatever the world is doing to prevent or infiltrate terrorist cells must clearly be challenged. It's time to eliminate all the terrorists in the world, regardless of what it costs. A world council should be called the likes of the Nuremberg trials of Nazi criminals. All people identified as terrorist should be tried in absentia by an international court and sentenced to death. 

In the past, terrorism has been something that happens to "other people". Usually, Americans are at risk for being victims of terrorist acts. Yet, in the Malaysian flight 370, the airplane's passenger list were predominantly Chinese!

So, while the Chinese were reticent in their response to the war on terror, maybe the disappearance of this airplane with their citizens on board and the mysterious incident will change their minds.

Meanwhile, the Malaysian government must help to destroy terrorism. Obviously, people with criminal, evil and terrorist intentions found the Malaysian nation to be a launching pad to execute their evil airliner plot.  

With the entire world, using every spy satellite and type of surveillance now on the lookout for the missing Malaysian airliner, the world has been issued a clarion call to unite against terrorism. Will this call be heard?

It's time for world leaders to put regional and historic disputes aside. Instead, they must form an allied coalition to destroy terrorism wherever it lurks.  

Our war on international terrorism is urgent and it must be won.

Meanwhile, the location of Malaysian flight 370 must be discovered so the evidence uncovered can be used to retaliate against the evil perpetrators who organized this heinous crime.

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