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Friday, March 14, 2014

Malaysia Flight 370 - terrorism of unknown etiology and a test of spy technologies

My blog about the possibility of Iran somehow being involved in the super-mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian Airline flight 370, a 777 jetliner, in South East Asia, received harsh criticism from readers. Nevertheless, it's been an entire week since this airplane's disappearance and no one is able to provide a credible closure about what happened and, worse, why?

As time progresses, without any sign of the airplane, or debris indicating that a crash occurred, the preponderance of evidence supports a sinister plot of unknown etiology. 

There's no way anyone would sabotage an airplane without having a terrorist motivation. Therefore, I stand by my first blog. There's a very-very serious reason why the Malaysian airliner was sabotaged and that means the world has a new brand of terrorism to worry about, ie, "terrorism of unknown etiology".

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia -- Malaysian authorities expanded their search for the missing jetliner westward toward India on Thursday, saying it may have flown for several hours after its last contact with the ground.

CBS News correspondent Bob Orr reports that there are technical indicators suggesting the plane continued to fly for an unspecified period of time after civilian air traffic controllers lost radar contact with the jet. Sources say the Boeing 777 continued to attempt to transmit routine data about the plane's engines and performance to satellites. Malaysian authorities and Boeing apparently did not downlink the data, so details from plane's transmissions are not known.

But, the fact that the jet was continuing to send signals is a strong indication that the jet did not crash immediately after radar contact was lost. The engines, instead, continued to run, Orr reports, meaning the plane continued in flight or perhaps was on the ground but still producing power.

Since I risked blogging about the possibility of Iran being involved in the disappearance of Malaysian Air 370, I'll take another flying leap and claim the international community knows what happened to this airplane. Although the world can't pinpoint where the airplane is right now, or precisely why it has vanished, the fact is, spy technologies via satellites certainly tracked the flight after the transformer was deliberately disconnected.  

Information about what was known about the flight after it lost radar contact is being drip-drip-dripped by those in the know, because no nation wants to reveal what they know or, more important, how the knowledge is obtained.  

Nevertheless, regardless of what's known or how the information is revealed, there's an escalating fear about why the Malaysian airliner
was sabotaged and the nefarious purpose underlying the abduction.

My blog stands: Is Iran behind this sabotage? The nation has a history of supporting terrorism. 

It's impossible to believe one person alone took over the Malaysian flight. Rather, it had to have been an organized effort to subdue the cock pit while initiating deliberate sabotage of the airplane.

In resolving this heinous mystery, it will be fascinating to learn what nation's spy technology will eventually reveal the answer about what happened to the aircraft?  Malaysian flight 360 is more than a search and rescue mission. Rather, the daunting saga has created another layer of fear about how clandestine terrorists are continuing to plot and scheme to perpetrate evil throughout the world.

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