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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

A two percent GOP margin in Florida's thirteenth district special election is putting lipstick on a pig

Only 2 percent margin separated the Democrats from an upset victory to win a Florida congressional seat during a special election held on Tuesday, to fill the seat vacated by deceased long time incumbent, the late Bill Young, in Florida's 13th Congressional District.

Although Republicans are boasting about the slim victory, the fact is, the race was close enough to swing the results the other way in the next regular election. In fact, first term Congressional members are two year wonders.With only a 2 percent margin, the next regular election could well see the Republican David Jolly looking for a job. 

Unfortunately, House Speaker John Boehner is quoted saying it's a "big win". Hello? What Boehner really meant to say is, it was an expensive $$ win. Republicans couldn't afford to loose this seat, so they spent huge sums of money to buy Young's position for their party.  Shame on Boehner for name calling the Democrats by saying the post election analysis would be like "putting lipstick on a pig". 

Boehner is showing hypocritical colors. He knows, it's the GOP that puts lipstick on a pig. They've bought and paid for his thirteenth district special election with pork money showered on them by corporations led by the richer than rich Koch Brothers. 

In other words, Republicans won the Florida special election because they outspent their Democratic opponent.  This unmitigated flow of political money is legal since the US Supreme Court in the "Citizens United" ruling allowed corporations to contribute money in decadent amounts, by considering their "free speech" rights to be the same as those of real people.

Regardless of how close Democrats came to winning the GOP seat held by the conservative party for 58 years, they came up just 2 percent short. 

It's essential for Democrats to do much better in November.

Just pointing fingers and calling those who capitalize on Citizens United a bunch of names isn't going to budge a concrete thinking Republican electorate. Tragically, the base of the GOP political party rejects facts about the science of climate change and women's reproductive physiology. These same narrow thinking people have no ethical compulsion to refuse the mother's milk money of rich political corporations, led by the Koch Brothers.

Democrats must run smarter campaigns. 

Americans seem to thrive on negative Republican campaign ads. Yet, Americans also want to see a clean environment, rather than a nation polluted by greed; women don't want to be told how to control their reproductive systems, just because Republicans think they should; and Medicare beneficiaries should never have to worry about buying their benefits with vouchers so Republicans can insure only the rich have health care coverage. Moreover, Americans don't want to be anti-immigration when our ancestors were, themselves, immigrants.

American has more problems than those the Republicans concoct, just to scare people. Our war on illegal drugs, for example, has been a complete failure. Our national defense has been eroded by decades of wars we've never won, because our military leaders are more politicians than they are strategists. Meanwhile, the Russians are now recreating the Cold War because President Putin simply wants to be the world's next Napoleanic delusional leader.

Democrats must do better in upcoming elections. Although it probably won't show up in election results, when it comes to putting "lipstick on a pig", John Boehner should cry in his 
favorite drink of the day before plagiarizing the ambitious Sarah Palin's inappropriate quote. It's undignified but typical of Boehner to use somebody else's quote rather than create something memorable.

What Boehner should say is "2 percent margins aren't good enough". Indeed, Democrats should be thinking and saying the very same thing. 

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