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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Republicans believe no care is a the cruel alternative to the Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare

Hypocritical Republicans who continue to waste tax payer money with a litany of unsuccessful votes to recall the Health Care Reform Act (ACA) are failing to convince the public about the urgency they falsely portray about their obsession.  In fact, their cruel and expensive opposition to Health Care Reform, aka Obamacare, is an anti-life position.

Republicans have no idea how to replace the Affordable Care Act. Rather than create an alternative to proving coverage for the uninsured, Republicans simply bash Obamacare without offering a solution to help those who cannot afford to pay for health care.

A candid response to the Republican cruel hypocrisy about health care reform was published in a Atlantic Journal Constitution ( article, by Cynthia Tucker, republished in summary by The Week, March 14, 2014.

Tucker writes, "During a Republican primary debate in the last presidential election cycle, there was a dispiriting moment in which tea party audience members cheered at the idea that a comatose uninsured American -- unable to afford health insurance -- would be left to die. That infamous outburst, among others, has prompted GOP bigwigs to try to cut back on primary season debates, hoping to limit appearances that might expose the party's baser impulses."
(And these people are likely pro-life conservatives!)

"If you want to know the Republican alternative to Obamacare, said Cynthia Tucker, the state of Georgia has it.  Governor Nathan Deal, rejected the Affordable Care Act's expansion of Medicaid to the poor, even though the federal government would pick up 100 percent of the costs for three years. As a result, state hospitals (in Georgia) will continue to be forced to absorb the costs of treating hundreds of thousands of Georgians who have no health insurance. The governor admits this will put a severe strain on hospitals, so he now has proposed a solution: Change federal law so that hospitals can turn away the uninsured. What a brilliant solution: No care at all!  Congressional Republicans keep promising to pass a formal alternative to the ACA but never do for a simple reason: Their powerful Tea Party faction only support alternatives in which our nation 'allows the uninsured poor to die'. This is one reason why a new Kaiser poll found that 56 percent of Americans want to keep the Affordable Care Act, while just 31 percent want it repealed.  People have figured out what repeal really means:  'Let'em die!'"

Wondering, just how many of these right wing conservatives, including Georgia's Governor Deal, are pro-life?

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