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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Face of New Russia post Sochi was apparently like a Mardi Gras facade

Sochi, Russia's Winter Olympic games, were supposed to unveil the new and modern Russia. It didn't even take the Napoleanic egotist Putin a week to rip the mask off this apparent post games Mardi Gras face. Russia may be yearning for "new", but their leadership is as regressive as during the Cold War.

Incredibly, Russia's invasion of the Crimea, about a week post Sochi, incites a completely unprovoked escalation of world tensions. Even more incredible, Putin has little money to pay for an escalation of his nation's defense.  

In my opinion, if the Ukrainians began to pay their army with US dollars, there would be a defection of Russian troops because it's doubtful the ruble can survive against the strong US currency.

Pitifully, while the world is obviously in condemnation of Russia's invasion of the Ukraine and takeover of Crimea, there's little intestinal fortitude to do much about this aggression.

Meanwhile, the Syrian people continue to suffer a humanitarian crises because Russian President Putin props up the puppet government of the country's evil President Assad.  

Americans are supporting economic sanctions against Russia in retaliation against the evil Putin perpetrates in the name of protecting "Russian people". Obviously, Putin doesn't care about protecting the Syrian people. How about protecting Ukranians?  

An unintended outcome of Putin's maniacal compulsion to bully Russia's "in your face" to the world is to unite Americans. When Americans are united, there's no army or world that can obstruct our resolve. 

President Putin's "new" Russia was obviously like a Mardi Gras facade, a parade for the purpose of showing off for the world. But, at a cost of about 60 billion dollars, the cost hasn't been recovered and the Sochi venue is yet to see a return on investment.

Perhaps a Ukraine takeover was a way for Putin to monopolize the pipeline of energy from Russia to Europe. This would allow Russia to increase the cost of providing energy to hungry Europe and provide a way to fund the Russian enormous debt.

Obviously, Putin's new Russia is in economic trouble and his government cannot sustain a military takeover of anyplace, especially if his military is being paid in worthless rubles.

But, there was a similar situation in the world in 1939, when Hitler invaded Poland.

Putin is a Hitler clone and he must be stopped. Unfortunately, the world let Hitler murder as many as 80 million people before he was eventually defeated.  Let's stop Putin before anybody else has to die as a result of his ruthless ambition.

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