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Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Republicans - a political party without a vision or a candidate but supporters who don't seem to get the disconnect

Republicans can't explain how their cruel Draconian position on the stupid 2013 budget sequester and ultimate government shutdown can help the economy. 

An example of the impact was reported in MaineBiz, as horrible Republican economics negatively impacted businesses related to Acadia National Park in Maine.

A federal report found communities near Acadia National Park
lost an estimated $16.2 million during the government shutdown last October, the third-largest estimated loss for national parks in the country.

The Portland Press Herald reported the National Park Service said park attendance at Acadia dropped 67% last October, compared with visitor numbers for that month over the past three years. The economic impact loss was estimated for communities within 60 miles of the park and added to a $262,133 revenue loss for the park itself.

The report found that only Great Smoky Mountain National Park in North Carolina and Tennessee, at $25.6 million, and Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona, at $17 million, had larger estimated losses from the partisan budget impasse that caused the government shutdown.  

Republican speak out of both sides of their mouths. They claim their objective is to improve the economy while, at the same time, obstructing, via sequester and shutdowns, the access people have to jobs they already have!

Moreover, Republicans are a party without a vision for how to restore American jobs, while claiming they want people to achieve the American Dream, via hard work. There's a major disconnect between what Republican say and how they respond to solutions to the problems they're creating by obstructing solutions.

Without a message, Republicans still stir up trouble, because they're somehow able to convince a skeptical electorate not to trust government. Hello? Acadia National Park, the Great Smoky Mountain National Park and the Grand Canyon National Park, among other sites, attract many millions in tourists and money because government invested in these natural treasures. Government created, through amazing conservation efforts, the very economic success so many people enjoy and pay to see in these and other parks.

It's hard to understand the smoke and mirrors Republican use to deceive those who fall into lock step behind their double talking rhetoric. Nevertheless, without a credible leader, they have no one who can communicate a credible vision for America's future.  

Republicans will spend millions of dollars to win political power in 2014, when their party has no vision or candidate to communicate how they intend to fix the problems created with the stupid budget sequester and the avoidable government shutdown. These are problems the GOP created while they're wasting tax payer money obstructing the obvious solutions. 

In fact, 2016 is the time to vote hypocritical Republicans out of office. American simply can't afford to pay for more obstructionist government.

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