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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

War and Russian President Putin - Ukraine and Syria and what next?

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

World War II began when Germany's Chancellor Hitler felt entitled to occupy Austria and Poland. Is Russian President Putin flexing the same 20th century mentality with different nations? Syria and the Ukraine are to Putin what Poland and Austria were to Hitler
It's obvious the Russians' are harboring the Ukraine's evicted Viktor Yanukovych, who's now the ex-president. 

In other words, if Russia didn't harbor Yanukovych, he'd, frankly, be dead by now. Families of the hundreds of people murdered by Yanukovych would've assassinated him by now, if they could only find where he and his family are hiding out.

Ukrainians are hunting Yanukovych because he murdered hundreds of his own citizens who were street dissidents that managed to force him out of office.

Yet, it's horribly upsetting to realize how Yanukovych is on the lamb, while genocidal Assad, president of Syria, is still in charge of his country where 9.3 million citizens are living in refugee camps and thousands of others murdered in a civil war. Assad, as well as Yanukovych, should be tried for crimes against humanity because they have engaged in murdering their own citizens. Of course, Russia is protecting both murderers. Russian President Putin has put the public relations campaign with the Sochi Olympic Games behind him, so moving forward is now his brutal business as usual.  

Meanwhile, Russian pressure to suppress Ukranian dissents has intensified with military threats against the rebellion. 

Creating more internal strife, the Ukrainian attempt to reorganize their government is now, apparently, running into problems with power brokers who remain loyal to Russia.  

It's impossible to understand how Putin can afford to pay for his expansionary vision. After somehow paying for the Sochi Olympic Games, costing by some estimates over one billion dollars, he's now resumed two military efforts involving enormous costs with human and capital investments.  

More important, these aggressively ambitious Putin power schemes are costing millions of innocent people their claim to national pride. By and large, a majority of Ukrainians don't want to be Russian, although they speak the language. It's like thinking Canada might become American, just because a majority of the people in both countries speak English.  

Similarly, a large percentage of Syrians prefer to remain Christian while living in a Muslim nation. So, Assad is eliminating them while Russia looks the other way.

In my opinion, America is not taking President Putin seriously enough. War weary Americans seem to feel that what Russia does stays there. This parochial thinking was dangerous in 1933 and remains so today.

President Putin simply can't afford to continue his totalitarian ambitions. It seems too simplistic, but Russia's falling birth rate can't sustain this kind of unlimited expansion. In Syria, a government supported by Russia can't possibly continue to survive when millions of citizens are living in refugee camps.

Eventually, Putin's hunger for power will be stopped. He'll either die, or his country will go bankrupt or both.

Tragically, millions of people will suffer as a result of Russia's relentless quest for world power. Although Putin may achieve short term success, Russia will ultimately implode for lack of essential resources, ie, people. Nevertheless, Putin will never admit defeat.  Never. So, the world must be ready to stop him before he decides on yet another acquisition of property.

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