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Monday, January 06, 2014

Snowden Living in Suveillance Immersed Russia

National Security Agency whistle blower Edward Snowden is such a hypocrit.  He lives in exile in Russia because he wants to make a world wide statement against governmental electronic invasion of privacy. Hurray for him.  Now, he's living in all surveillance all the time Russia. Indeed, the Russians boldy made it clear that all electronic communications during the winter 2014 Olympic games in Sochi will be monitored to prevent terrorism. 

Anybody who believes this high level of alertness will subside after the Olympic games are over, must be delusional. Snowden has been sucked into living in the midst of the kind of society he gloated about revealling to the world, when he became a traitor to the US. In other words, Snowden can sit in Russia and criticize the US for unbridled use of electronic surrveillance; but he's unable to criticize Russia for boldly admitting to using the same techniques for the same purpose as the US - to prevent terrorism.  

Athletes and spectators attending the Winter Olympics in Sochi in February will face some of the most invasive and systematic spying andsurveillance in the history of the Games, documents shared with the Guardian show.

Russia's powerful Federal Security service plans to ensure that no communication by competitors or spectators goes unmonitored during the event, according to a dossier compiled by a team of Russian investigative journalists looking into preparations for the 2014 Games.

Although Snowden says he has potentially millions more documents he can release to continue his embarrassing barrage against US surveillince, he can't do the same about Russians, who admit to doing the same.

Snowden says he lives the life of a "house cat" in Russia. Yet, if he causes any trouble with Russians, he risks living like a Siberian rat. 

Unfortunately, the new normal for anyone using electronic communications is to expect this techology to be at risk for government surveillance.  Snowden's message never caused the international revolution against surveillance he anticipated. Instead, he lives like a house cat in a country where surveillance is pervasive. Snowden is now immersed in the surveillance he disdained. This is the concept some describe as "hell" - a deep and desolate place where the soul must live for eternity in the misery they created when they lived. Fortunately, Christians believe in redemption. Therefore, it's possible Snowden can renounce his hypocricy and return home to face justice for stealing information he had no business revealing. No clemency, but justice. It sure beats living the rest of his life as a hypocrit.  

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