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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Looking to 2016- CNN Reports a Deadlocked Race

Here's why:

1. Christie will inevitably screw up in the next two years, he's an ego machine and it will trip him up. 

2. Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, is totally cool under pressure. She's a known entity, there's virtually nothing we don't know about her. 

3. Christie's supporters are the very people who score dismally against Mrs. Clinton in the CNN Poll.

Christie's fan club are like anchors dragging him down. Christie's surrogates have the potential to tank him.

4. Mrs. Clinton's surrogates are super stars. Enough said about them.

Of course, right wing nuts will carry on about the Benghazi tragedy, which unfortunately happened on Mrs. Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State. But, unless new information is forthcoming, the entire catastrophe could backfire on zealous Republicans. They need new information about Benghazi and I doubt anything else is forthcoming.

Christie supporters, on the other hand, continue to hail his overwhelming victory in his re-election for governor in distinctly Democratic New Jersey. This super victory doesn't endear Christie with the right wing of the very conservative Republican party.
Regardless of how wide a margin Christie gained in his re-election, his victory was an endorsement of his rapid response to the Sandy hurricane disaster, rather than a coronation for national political status.

I suspect the more we learn about Governor Christie the less likely he is to gain enough popular support to defeat Mrs. Clinton in a Presidential election.

All of the above is presuming, of course,that a 2016 election is a Clinton versus Christie debate.

Therefore, I suspect Mrs. Clinton is feeling good about her two point down challenge in a neck and neck election, if one were held today.Candidate want to avoid a toxic sense of inevitability. Rather, Mrs. Clinton will have the opportunity to define Governor Christie, because, after all, he's still a political unknown to many, especially to right wingers who, frankly, would rather vote for a resurrected Attila the Hun than a moderate Republican.

CNN's neck and neck poll is a teaser to keep the pressure on the Democratic and Republican front runners in a quest to create rather than report news.

As a blogging news reporter, my opinion is to advise CNN to spend their political polling money on reporting real news. Hypothetical deadlocked political races are totally useless prognosticators of election outcomes. Mrs. Clinton will not be enticed to announce any earlier just because CNN polls are giving a measly 2 point advantage to Governor Christie.

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