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Friday, January 03, 2014

Republicans Are Falling and They Can't Get Up

I'd love to see a television ad with House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, Congressman Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House John Boehner, right wingers Senator Ted Cruz and others of their extremely conservative genre wearing a "can't get up" emergency telephone necklace. They're certainly a group in need of emergency assistance.

The problem is, these right wingers and their followers are simply incapable of coming up with new political ideas. They need the kind of idea assistance that can raise them out of the vortex of negativity in which they swirl.

Here are a few ideas these fallen and can't get up ideologues might look to for help:

1.  Save Social Security as an earned pension benefit for people who qualify.  Don't even mention any idea of cutting Social Security. Instead, tell Americans how they can look forward to being assured of receiving this benefit.

2.  Restore COLA (cost of living) increases in retried military pension. These veterans gave over 20 years of their youth to protect our nation, especially during the extended war on terror. They earned their retirement and deserve the full benefit they were promised. Don't say "thank you for your service" and then cut benefits.

3.  Protect the right of all people to have access to quality, affordable and accessible health care through a Medicare for All program. Medicare is already in place for those who qualify.  It's not free. Medicare should be extended to all people who earn this benefit, rather than limited to those 65 years old, or otherwise qualify as a result of a disability, black lung or kidney disease.

4.  Control military spending by cutting the duplication in the armed services. For example, every branch of the military has it's own air force. In another example, the US Navy has "SEALS" but the army has Special Forces. In some cases, both of these elite programs do the same thing. Non-profit agencies have long ago figured out how to prevent duplication of services. Our US Military is long overdue in implementing the same efficiencies.

5.  Reduce the US budget by removing American military bases in foreign countries like Japan and Germany. These bases are relics of World War II.  It's time to leave.

6.  Stay away, far-far away, from women's health issues especially contraception. Be particularly averse to any reference, whatsoever, to the word "rape". Instead, when someone asks about about using extreme intervention to prevent pregnancy resulting from rape, the response should be memorized "rape is a crime, it's assault". That's it, say no more.

7.  Recommend a national amendment to the US Constitution to make it illegal to close the government for any reason.

8.  Pass President Obama's Jobs Bill.  

9.  Support extending unemployment benefits for the long term unemployed. Shame on Congressman Cantor for preventing this extension. Has Congressman Cantor ever been in a position when being unemployed created economic stress in his life?  He should have humanistic social conscience about this important human condition issue.

10.  Create a strategy to close in the growing income disparity between the elite rich and the growing number of poor and lower middle class people.  

Republicans should stand up before the American people and explain what ideas they have about sustaining the human condition while building a future for our children.

Instead, Republican have fallen and they can't get up. Nevertheless, in spite of their political clumsiness, Republicans are pulling many others down with them. It's like they have chronic right wing political disease that somehow became contagious.  

Republicans need rehabilitation therapy to figure out how to get up before their right wing illness becomes a pandemic.

Curing this pervasive right wing vortex of regressive politics is to vote all of them out of office.  

Americans have a chance to recall all Republicans in the 2014 elections. We have an election chance to say, once and for all, "Republicans, you have fallen and you can't get up".  It's time to find a rehabilitation center where you can sequester yourselves until you're discharged.   

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