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Friday, December 27, 2013

Snowden Says Nothing about His Own Surveillance While Living Like a House Cat

Edward Snowden tells reporters he lives like a house cat. Yet, when he speaks like some sort of reconstituted oracle about US surveillance, he looks outward rather than at his self imposed exile. Indeed, Russia is certainly no place of enlightened freedom. Being of Russian ancestry myself, I can report from personal experience how paranoia is genetic in their national genome.  

Unfortunately, I don't speak Russian, but I'm curious about how the word "privacy" translates into Cyrillic. I suspect, in Russian the word "privacy" likely refers to modesty rather than personal security. Russians don't speak about privacy. Rather, they fully understand the concept of "spying". They're making a mockery of clandestine US spying operations by propping up Snowden to speak with the press. Russians don't care two hoots about privacy, it's the spying they're mocking through Snowden.

Americans are obsessed with privacy, which is why Snowden is able to capture attention. This privacy obsession continues, even while we're fully aware of the risk we expose ourselves to when we swipe a credit card or make an easily traceable cell phone call.

Snowden calls for an end of mass surveillance of Americans while he holds court with hungry journalists in a Russian hotel room, where every word he utters is monitored. This hypocrisy has become pathological.  

Obviously, Snowden's narcissistic behavior is coupled with delusions about the people who hold him in a cat's cradle exile.

Snowden speaks about surveillance of "everything we do", while every word he utters is likely scripted by his Russian pet owners.

American National Security has been put under the proverbial microscope by Snowden's deluge of information leaks. Shame on our government for allowing Snowden the freedom he enjoyed to steal so much information.

Until American National Security is able to find Snowden's mirror clone in Russia, this security babble from Snowden will continue like a cat screeching in breeding season.

Surely, there's a counter Snowden out their in Russia's tundra who can put an end to the condescending self righteous babbling of this information traitor. Meanwhile, I suspect very little about Snowden's self declared victory has changed America's intention to protect our national security, even at the risk of exposing our surveillance technologies.

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