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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ryan's Cuts: US Military Give Up their Youth and Lives - Promised Benefits Are Earned

US Military give up their youth with a promise of benefits to compensate them for this national sacrifice. These young people are now thanked for their service but promises made are recalled. How horrible! Shame on politicians who have never served in the military who allow these promised benefits to be cut while defense spending is still receiving benefit sequester relief.

Military retirees are outraged at Congress , calling the move  "an egregious breach of faith."

The Military Coalition, some 27 military groups, wrote to leaders in Congress and President Obama late Wednesday about their "strong objection" and "grave concern" over the budget deal.

Cuts to military retirees could conceivably make sense if good jobs for veterans were assured, after they're discharged to civilian life. This is absolutely not the case. Instead, veterans are given a nice letter of thanks and a party. No job.

US military earn the benefits they're promised, when they meet the requirements for retirement. Many in our US Congress don't serve in the military. Shame on all of them for cutting the benefits for those who serve on behalf of all Americans.

Military retirees earn their promised benefits. They give up their youth to defend our nation. Moreover, it's wrong to cut military retirements when the transition to civilian life remains challenging. 

Rather than cut military retirement to create budget opportunities for other programs, the US Congress should, instead, consider taxing all people who don't serve in any capacity to defend our national security. This would include all those who vote on military pay and benefits but haven't served their country in uniform.

I'm not psychic, but throughout history, I know those who take advantage of veterans for the sake of saving money have lost their political clout. Republicans and Congressman Ryan must learn from history or they're, also, doomed to reap the consequences of cutting military benefits.

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