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Sunday, November 10, 2013

High Speed Rail and Republican Obstrutionism - More Backwards Momentum

It makes no sense for Republcian to oppose all progressive initiatives, like high speed rail.  

I'm wondering if the GOP's consistent obstructionism is a ploy to create overwheleming negative energy, like a tsunami of polotical acrimony, for the purpose of building a new world order of their making. In the regressive environment they've created, Republcians could egotistically claim credit for buidling a brave new world. This is delusional and perhaps paranoid thinking, but how else can rational thinking people understand the motivation behind Republcian obstructionism?  

What other reason is there for Republicans to oppose everything?
Rather than call themselves the Grand Old Party, Republicans are a grumpy old party of obstructionists.

Republican obstructiom is regressive and negatively impacting our nation's competitivve position in the world. Now, high speed rail is among the GOP obstrucitonist positions.  They don't want it.

Obviously, Republcians don't care about train travel because ordinary people, like the middle class, would benefit from this highly efficient form of transporatation. Otherwise, if Republicans rode trains, they'd want to take credit for supporting high speed rail.  High speed rail would mean important investing in our nation's crumbling infrastructure(bridges and roads), creating important private sector jobs in industries supporting the trains and providing Americans with more affordable alternatives to expensive airline travel. High speed rail would allow workers to be more flexible about where to live and work and expand business access to interstate commerce.

But Republicans simply won't support high speed rail. Frankly, Republicans don't seem to support any progressive policies. 

Instead, Republicans stand strong in opposition to all social safety net, progressive policies and economic stimulus where middle class people benefit from income sharing, ie "taxes" invested for the purpose of improving the human condition.

High speed rail supporters blame Republcians for America's inability to advance this important transporation system, enjoyed by many other nations like Japan and much of Europe.

Did Republicans kill America’s high speed rail plan?

Written by  William C. Vantuono, Editor-in-Chief
I could answer this question in one word: Yes.
" me a 'railroad guy'. Freight rail? That’s a no-brainer. Anything that can be hauled on a train instead of a truck should be on a train—period. Passenger rail? 'Build it and they will ride.' That’s why the all-too-common political shenanigans or posturing that prevent the expansion of passenger rail in this country always gets me going.

Unfortunately, in the case of high speed rail, the perpetrators with the political sledgehammers and baseball bats are Republicans. Why? I haven’t a clue. It’s just the way too many of them think.

Projects get planned; projects get partially funded; projects get killed. It’s happened before and probably will happen again. Meanwhile, the United States falls farther and farther behind the rest of the developed world in passenger rail, despite bright spots like the Northeast Corridor and Chicago-St. Louis and the Pacific Northwest, which aren’t really “true” high speed but higher-speed systems. California—if it ever gets under way—will become our first high speed system...".

Americans must obstruct the obstructionist Republicans by voting them all out of office. Our nation can't become a regressive nation where trains are children's "choo-choos", while China builds a high speed rail to extend from Bejing to Burma! (Although, honestly, I'm not sure China's extremely ambitious high speed rail plan will work, the fact is, their nation is willing to invest in trying to make it happen.They're not obstructing its progress.)

Let's stop this backward national momentum regarding all things progressive. We must support high speed rail and President Obama's initiatives to create jobs by passing the American Jobs Act.

President Obama must be our 21st century's President Eisenhower by pushing his vision into a legacy. Americans deserve high speed rail. Meanwhile, we the voters must remove all obstructionist Republicans from office who continue to obstruct progress, but who are mysteriously quick to support backwards momentum.

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