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Friday, November 01, 2013

Law Enforcement and Security Agents now Gun Violence Victims - LAX Fatal

OMG another gun violence homicide, this time in Los Angeles. Remember when the worst thing to happen in an airport was the potential to be involved in an airplane accident? Now, the problem has grown to include gun violence, too.

Los Angeles Airport (LAX) is the least likely place on the planet where someone would think about witnessing a gun violence incident. But, of course, Fort Hood Texas was also a highly unlikely place to see preventable death by gun violence. What about the murders in the Washington DC Navy Yard?  These three horrible incidents are now part of a growing cluster of growing gun violence deaths occurring in secure places.

An epidemiology assessment of this growing violence would indicate that the cause of the gun deaths has not been identified. If we knew why these incidents continue to grow in number, we should be able to stop them. But our society seems paralyzed to respond, regardless of how many people are gun violence victims. Guns and ammunition are like harmful killing bacteria. Nevertheless, many don't see this correlation.

Disease is caused by deadly bacteria and gun violence homicides are caused by lethal weapons. Diseases are cured by killing bacteria. Gun violence can be cured by eliminating guns and the ammunition used to kill people.

Although gun violence preventable deaths are caused by guns, there's no direct cause, and effect between the perpetrators of the violence and the people murdered. An army officer and physician at Fort Hood killed because of zealous religious convictions. Motives for the Navy Yard murderer were apparently related to decompensating mental illness. Today's Los Angeles Airport (LAX) murder and violence has yet to be analyzed.  

Every week, Americans read about more gun violence incidents. These homicides are resonating around the world like volcanic ash. Each fatality poisons the aura Americans once enjoyed as being a nation where the streets were once paved with gold.

Political acrimony coupled with growing gun violence is presenting our nation to the world like we're an upscale Iraq or Afghanistan. Sadly, America is loosing our status as an example of world freedom. Rather, our nation appears to be living under the threat of constant political sedition and the uncertainty of anarchy erupting at any time. Moreover, guns are threatening to shorten everyone's life expectancy.

America must do something to stop the growing incidence of gun violence. At this point, the way to push back on the unlimited Second Amendment rights to own guns, is to vote all Republicans who are supported by the radical National Rifle Association (NRA) out of office.  

Growing clusters of gun violence, now infecting highly secure locations, are totally unacceptable. Second Amendment rights do not include giving murderers the freedom to gain access to guns for the purpose of killing people. 

Like a deadly disease, gun violence is an epidemic, it's becoming as virulent as any pandemic vector and it must be cured.

Tragically, the LAX incident is now among the litany of gun violence incidents that are infecting America like a volcanic cloud that worsens with each eruption. Eventually, this violence will suffocate our international reputation and pollute our ability to protect innocent people from death by guns. 

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