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Monday, November 04, 2013

Right Wing Extremists - Let's Create a Cartoon Saloon

If only right wing extremists were cartoon characters!  

Tragically, concrete thinkers like Sarah PalinMarco RubioTed CruzRand PaulMichelle Bachmann and Paul Ryan are larger than life cartoon like politicians who thrive on their own inflated egos.  They each deserve a cartoon balloon inflated with their own egos:  

Let's create a made for television movie with likely performers who can portray these egotistical politicians. Following are my casting candidates:

Sarah Palin:             Texas Governor Rick Perry - in drag

Marco Rubio:           Barbie's boyfriend Ken, with a black doo

Ted Cruz:                  Elmer Gantry impersonator

Rand Paul:                Howdy Doody without a brain

Michelle Bachmann: Sarah Palin with a perm    

Paul Ryan:                 Alfalfa look alike from the Little Rascals

With our casting now in place, let's let these characters act out "ad lib" how they would run the US government. Let's put them into an old western movie as saloon characters. 

Now, let's also tape sound bites from their performances and run them non-stop in paid political advertisements.  (In my opinion, it's worth the price of admission to see the Sarah Palin guy!)

And the purpose would be to educate Americans about the dangers of right wing extremism. Let's demonstate in cartoon characture the chaos extremists would create if, somehow, they would mistakenly be elected to positions of political power.

American must never let such a dangerous folly happen.

Voters must kick all extremist Republicans out of office as soon as possible. This cast of right wing characters must never become real. Voters can pin prick those super inflated cartoon characters' extremist egos. Let's elect people into leadership who think for themselves, without cartoon balloons feeding them right wing rhetoric.  

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