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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Another Gunman in Another Mall in Another Shooting Incident in New Jersey

Lost in the rather boring news cycle of the 2013 November election results was yet another shooting incident, this time in Governor Christie's New Jersey.  

This particular gun violence incident was given rather routine news coverage. Indeed, the election of the New York City mayoral candidate Bill DiBlasio was given more headline coverage than the potential for another mass shooting incident in a busy New Jersey shopping mall. Although the perpetrator of the incident was later found dead with a self inflicted gun shot wound, his reign of terror was captured on emergency E911 calls from horrified victims.

As terrifyingly routine as gun violence incidents are becoming in America's culture, it'll only take one more in New Jersey to expose Governor Christie's avid support for unbridled Second Amendment rights. Although Governor Christie won re-election based upon his leadership after Hurricane Sandy's devastation, a mass killing in any sector of New Jersey could turn public opinion against him faster than a storm surge wiped out Atlantic City's Boardwalk.  

Gun supporters can squawk all they want about more rather than less guns. In fact, nothing can prepare innocent people against the sheer randomness of murderer with a gun. Yet, there's a way for all gun violence to be eliminated, although Governor Christie ignores this cause and effect. His  political instincts are astutely tuned into those who support Second Amendment rights in spite of how many innocent people are murdered as a result of gun violence. Nevertheless, Governor Christie is also a "pro-life Republican". (Where's that international reporter who asked President Obama how he could be the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize but support an act of war against Syria, even though his intention was to prevent genocide by the Assad regime?) How can Governor Christie be pro-life and oppose any life saving limits on Second Amendment Rights?  

Therefore, I'll be the blogger to pose this question to Governor Christie, before there's another gun violence incident in New Jersey.  

Dear Governor Chris Christie, congratulations on your re-election as governor of New Jersey. How do you intend to reconcile your support for pro-life issues and Second Amendment rights?  

Please answer this question before there's yet another preventable gun violence incident in New New Jersey.

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