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Saturday, November 02, 2013

President Obama Must Be a Second Term Leader

It's hard to understand why President Obama can't take advantage of his second term incumant status.  After all, he has a legacy to consider and there's virtually nobody running against him, because he can't be re-elected.  So, why does he continue with his "no drama Obama" approach to leadership?

Following a knock-out keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, he rode a short stint in the US Senate to the White House just four years later, handily winning re-election four years after that. The African meaning of his first name – “blessed” – seemed apt.

Yet, recent polls have not been good news for the White House. Even President Obama's personal popularity has dropped into negative territory. Can he recover to make his second term a success?
Dear President Obama, during your second presidential term, there's nothing to loose by standing up to defend the people who voted for you.  Indeed, Obama's tanking poll numbers are completely reversible. All he needs is to stand up for the majority of Americans who voted for him and his reputation will rise like a morning sunrise.

Here's what President Obama must do to save his legacy as a progressive leader:

1.  Stand up for the health, safety and security of the Middle Class
2.  Protect social and economic safety net programs for Middle Class people.
3.  Protect the rights of immigrants and support a path to citizenship for all who qualify to become American citizens, especially children.
4.  Support and fund access to excellent education for all children.
5.  Protect tax reform policies that support sharing the wealth of our nation with everyone who works to achieve success and participate in the "American Dream".
6.  Proclaim and support quality health care for all as a right rather than a privilege.

President Obama must give back to the people who voted for his hope and change message.  

President Obama's political glow has begun to dim.Whether or not it’s just lame duckism with voters looking for the next new thing, or disappointment at the perception of failed policies and goals unattained – immigration, war in Afghanistan dragging on, Benghazi, Syria’s chemical weapons, NSA spying, certainly the miserable roll-out of the Affordable Care Act – Obama’s numbers have sagged appreciably … even his personal popularity.

Nevertheless, even a less than optimal Obama second term is preferable to his opponent Romney's potential administration. 

Yet, American voters expected more from President Obama's second term. Therefore, it's not too late for him to create a lasting legacy by demonstrating decisive leadership against right wing extremism. Obama has virtually nothing politically to loose by standing up for the Middle Class. Yet, middle class voters have a vested interest in President Obama's ability to protect the hope and change expected by those who believe in his vision of the American Dream. 

Presidential leadership is expected and Obama must deliver.

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