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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Obamacare - Health Care Reform Must Work

There's a saying about "timing is everything in life". It's a sense some people have about when to do something or, conversely, to avoid a particular situation. Timing is essential for capitalizing on some financial investments. For example, those who may have passed on a Microsoft investment during the 1990s, must pay dearly to try and catch up on this lost opportunity.

Those who accept the essential reforms offered in the Obamacare Health Care Reform initiatives have an opportunity to access health insurance, many for the first time in their lives.They're able to sign up for affordable health insurance heretofore unavailable to people with pre-existing conditions, or who work independently and therefore have been unable to access employee group policies. 

If Republicans, somehow, have their way with eliminating Obamacare, the people who qualify for the health insurance plans through the exchanges will not have the access to policies they can afford. There's no alternative to people who have health insurance through the exchanges if Obamacare is somehow eliminated. Those who are signing on these plans will be left without any coverage. 

In spite of problems with roll out of the health insurance exchanges, the timing issue is now a lost cause with grumbling Republicans who are "shocked, shocked" about the glitches with the computer sign on platforms. Uninsured people "get it" about how insurance exchanges are going to provide coverage when these systems are finally operational. Republicans won't be able to  put this genie back in the jar. Their timing on this issue was wasted by their over zealous government shutdown debacle. Rather than seize the moment, when Obamacare was in the throes of computer platform glitches, the Republicans focused, instead, on harming everybody in the nation with their preventable government shutdown efforts. Instead, Republicans should've "held their fire" regarding the Obamacare roll out and captured the timing of the frustration with the opening computer glitches. Now, when people are actually signing up for the insurance exchanges, the Republicans are the proverbial voices in the dessert. They're preaching negatively about the glitches, but 48 million uninsured people are more interested in how to access the exchanges than hearing from stupid Republicans who simply want to foil the Obamacare plan.

At this point, Obamacare must work.The timing is past when this important health care reform can be recalled. Entire health systems and insurance policies are now designed to accommodate the Obamacare reimbursement coverage for wellness care as well as the elimination of pre-existing conditions as a barrier to coverage.

Unless Republicans can offer an alternative to Obamacare, they should do whatever possible to support it's operational success. In so doing, insurance carriers can grow by creating exchanges to meet the needs of the uninsured. It's entirely possible to generate a profit by providing coverage for people who manage their health rather than use emergency departments for primary care, because they have no health insurance (like so many do now).

It's time for Obamacare to succeed. Republicans who waste time screeching about repeal have lost their sense of timing and, as Senator John McCain says, are engaged in a fool's errand.  

Obamacare's timing is right for our nation. It offers a market based system for providing affordable health insurance for everyone who qualifies for a plan, regardless of pre-existing heath conditions.  

It's essential for President Obama and Secretary of Health and Human Services Sibelius to urgently fix what's wrong with the Obamacare sign on platform. Health Care Reform must deliver the health care services vitally needed by the nation's 48 million uninsured who urgently need this reform. The time is right and success is essential. 

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