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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ted Cruz Needs to Take a Cruise Using His Own Money - Stop Wasting Taxpayer Time and Money

When Ted Cruz talks to the empty seats in the Congress, does his noise get heard?  Regardless of who is listening (or not) he is taking up the oxygen in the room while wasting taxpayer time and money.

A fellow blogger named The Progressive Professor posted this worthy information about Strom Thurmond:

The Senate filibuster was once used, years ago, to prevent civil rights legislation, with South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond becoming infamous for the longest individual filibuster in Senate history in 1957 on that subject. Thurmond doesn't look very good in history due to his prejudiced, narrow minded stand on that topic.

Senator Rand Paul used the filibuster tactic months ago to protest drone policy on foreign soil, and a crazy fear that drones would be used against Americans on domestic soil.  (Insert Maine Writer:  Moreover, we don't know how many American lives have been saved with drone technology - read No Easy Day by pseudonym Mark Owen)

And Senator Ted Cruz is...using the filibuster to attempt to destroy ObamaCare, denying millions of Americans the opportunity to have decent health care.  (....all the while, 26 percent of his Texas constituents do not have health insurance....)

Neither Paul from months ago, and Cruz today, will change American policy, as the President will use drones only overseas, as a measure of defense and security policy against terrorists, including Americans who fight for the enemy; and ObamaCare will proceed, no matter what Cruz says or does.

(As a matter of fact, popular provisions in the Obamacare law are already operational!  We can't undo what's already in place.)

But in the process, only the loonies on the extreme right will rally to either Paul or Cruz, and the Tea Party movement may have impact in the House of Representatives and with a few Senators, but both men are self destructing before our eyes by their own words and actions! If the GOP is nuts enough to nominate either of these characters for President, they will get what they deserve, a walloping defeat in 2016!  (Here!  Here! I totally agree!)

Maine Writer- Ted Cruz needs to stop wasting tax payer money. Give him a meager severance (sell some of his Senate office furniture to pay for it) and send him on a cruise. Sail him away from those of us trying to move our nation forward with progressive policies, consistent with other civilized world nations who provide health coverage for their citizens.

Here's a Bon Voyage tune for cruising Cruz:

Sailing by Christopher Cross
"Your fight with Obamacare is... Fantasy,
(but)'s not far back to sanity.... and soon,
we can be set free from your insanity ....Sailing..."

Bon Voyage Ted Cruz and every other Tea Party right wing extremist.  RWE-RWE's of the world must be voted into the horizon.

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