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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Republican Alert! Government Shutdown Costs Money: Ronald Reagan Quote on Ideology

Republicans usually tremble, tremble, tremble at the mention of President Ronald Reagan. 

So, here's a quote, they'll likely faint after reading:

"No mother would ever willingly sacrifice her sons for territorial gain, for economic advantage, for ideology." Likewise, I doubt any sane son or daughter would willingly sacrifice their mother for ideology, either.
Okay, Republican ideologues, how do you justify sacrificing our US government operations, the "mother" of our nation, for the sake of your minority opinion ideologies (there are too many to mention)?

Honestly, I don't know whether to be angry at the Republicans or at the American people, in general, for putting up with idiots who somehow get elected to Congress and then want to shove their right wing ideology down our throats. Now, these obsessed politicians want to dismantle our government. 

Hello? Our US Constitution wasn't written to fly in the face of voters only when right wing zealots want to protect Second Amendment gun rights!

Congress is supposed to to support all the laws.

Now, a minority of right wing Congressional Republicans are intent, like Kamikaze Pilots, to shut down our government, rather than to uphold the law passed in health care reform. In my mind, this is seditious behavior and they should be punished.

Moreover, Republicans have shamefully failed arithmetic, yet again. GOP right wing zealots are earning their labels as the "stupid party" by continuing to act dumb, because shutting down government wastes money. By the way, the GOP doesn't deserve to be called Grand Old Party, anymore. They've earned the title of Grumpy Old Party, instead. They want to shut down government, harming hard working people as a result, just because they can. They're the spoiled bully thugs hiding behind their mommies skirts in the school yard. Their "mommies" are House Speaker John Boehner, a puppet of the Tea-Party and Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Surely, these idiots must not understand how much their zealotry is costing taxpayers. "Wonklblog" pundit Ezra Klein and others are reporting how the suicidal launch to obstruct government, by shutting it down to prevent implementation of Obamacare (health care reform) will cost taxpayers billions of wasted dollars.

A government shutdown will cost us billions

By Ezra Klein, Published: September 23 at 12:37 pmE-mail the writer 

To understand what Congress is risking every time it nears a shutdown, consider what the past ones have cost. In 1996, the Office of Management and Budget tallied the two major shutdowns of the decade at about $1.4 billion. Adjusting for inflation would bring that total to more than $2 billion in today’s dollars.But as an analysis (pdf) by Roy Meyers, a political scientist at the University of Maryland, found, that estimate left out a lot. It didn’t account for the lost value of work that wasn’t done or the $300 million the federal parks would have taken in or the reduced pace of IRS audits. And then there are the less visible consequences. Meyers suggests that contractors might start charging the government a premium after shutdowns to compensate for the uncertainty of their payments. And a large body of work shows that unstable budget processes at the state level raise borrowing costs, meaning some of the costs are permanent, or at least long-lived.

Even getting near a shutdown costs money. The government must prepare, and that means a lot of hours spent on nothing useful. “You have to pull people off whatever they’re doing to inform employees about what they can do and when they can come in,” said Stan Collender, a budget expert at Qorvis communications. “You have to prepare to change the Web sites with new information about what to do during the shutdowns. You have additional security costs for the buildings because you have to lock them up so no one can get in. You have additional maintenance costs in terms of heating and cooling. And let’s say you’re a supplier who is supposed to deliver parts to the government on Oct. 2. What do you do?”

Okay, Ezra, I'll tell you what to do.

These contractors and everybody else negatively impacted by a government shut down (nearly everybody in America) must vote these stupid GOP party people out of office. If a government contractor can't deliver parts, then the person making the products obviously won't be paid, either. In my mind, that's illegal. Moreover, ask the government contractor to tell his/her suppliers to join in a rebellion, call a special election or another Constitutional Assembly in Philadelphia - (the building is still open, isn't it?) for the purpose of removing every dumb and dumber government ideologue out of office!

Even worse than being dumb is not knowing how to solve a problem. Dumb and dumber Republicans are carrying on like cats in mating season about Obamacare and the cost of government, but offer zero solutions. They're completely void of ideas. Their misplaced energy is engulfed in unfounded zealotry.

Try asking a Republican what they don't like about health care reform, aka "Obamacare" (if they'll let you get a word in edgewise) and they're likely to say they don't want anymore government run programs. Then, after they've predictably said that, ask them to tell you where they earn a living? There's a better than 50/50 chance these zealots earn money off the same government they want to shut down.

Hypocrisy 101 is a subject wheres stupid Republicans might get a passing grade.

President Obama once taught college courses in Constitutional law at the University of Chicago law school.

Surely, Obama knows how his executive leadership is essential at this time, when a government shutdown is looming, because some in Congress won't enforce the Federal Law in Obamacare. President Obama must lead Americans out of this ideological sea of right wing extremism and enforce the Obamacare law without holding government operations hostage to do so.

Meanwhile, Americans may not be able to wait for the next election to rid ourselves of seditious members of Congress who want to bring down government, because they want to break the law. They must be removed for violation of their oath of office, which is to uphold the US Constitution, including Federal Laws. Maybe, President Ronald Reagan's quote on ideology should be included in this solemn oath, presuming the dumb and stupid Republican can read, understand and remember it.

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