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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Please Do Not Shut Down the Government - Treat Your Obamacare Psychosis Instead

"..the Tea Party Is Out of Whack",  writes Brad Bannon in US News and World Report.  

Although the Tea Party accuses President Obama of, somehow, being "out of sync (an ambiguous concept, in my opinion), the right wing Tea Party is plain whacked out of ideas about to move America forward. 

Therefore, void of innovation and idea-less, Tea Party zealots simply want to shut down the entire nation. This seditious behavior should be unconstitutional because, frankly, shutting down our US government is traitorous behavior, punishable by death. 

Tea Party right wing extremism is corrupting our democracy. 

Tea Party "dunkers" don't want to follow the law of health care reform passed in Obamacare, in spite of it being ratified by the people's Congress and the US Supreme Court.

Dear Tea Party - outside of your own cacophony, do you hear those of us who are pleading for you to stop this wasteful obstructionism against Obamacare? Your extremism over an obsession about health care reform is wasting tax payer money.  After 40 unsuccessful Congressional votes failed to repeal the Obamacare law, your rights as Americans to petition the government have crossed the sanity line and are now become a pathological obsession.  

Maybe, Obamacare would even pay for curable treatment.

On behalf of all American people who get up and work for a living by caring for our nation's citizens, in the US military and national security agencies, as well as for those who depend on their earned Social Security income to pay their bills, please don't shut down Government.

Instead, find a physician who can treat your obsessive-compulsive Obamacare-psychosis and keep our government open. 

It's even possible for Tea Party sufferers from Obamacare-psychosis to request an insanity defense at your sedition trials.  

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