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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Buffet Says "stupid" to Describe Holding Back the US Dept Ceiling:

I remember when a person who called someone "stupid" and "dumb" was wrong enough to justify a reprimand. Sometimes, however, calling a "spade a spade" is the only way to get the attention of voters. So here's the problem. Elected officials in Congress are using the debt ceiling to blackmail President Obama to unfund health care reform passed in "Obamacare".

They are stupid.  

President Obama can't succumb to blackmail about Obamacare, because it's a law. That's all there is to it.

Instead, we must vote our stupid and dumb Republican politicians in the US Congress out of office, because they're behaving like selfish children who can't get their way. 

In other words, a minority of right wing extremists don't want Obamacare, aka health care reform, so they're holding their breath in a tantrum, threatening to block an increase in the US debt ceiling, until they get their way. The problem is, of course, these childish and obstructionist Republicans are turning blue waiting to get their way. Unfortunately, they're stupidly intent on bringing down US government operations, rather than behave like adults and do the work for which they're elected. Their work is to lift the US debt ceiling and to keep the government operating.  

Republicans need to do their jobs and stop obstructing government. If these obstructionist Republicans worked in the private sector, they'd be summarily fired for incompetence.

Nonetheless, apparently, Congressional Republicans are immune to the degrading "stupid" label. Not only are they holding up the debt ceiling as a threat, but some are even engaged in political blackmail. These stupid politicians are using the debt ceiling as leverage to unfund the implementation of Obamacare, aka health care reform.  

These Republican politicians are beyond stupid. They're breaking the law, two times. Obamacare is a law and can't be held hostage to prevent a rise in the debt ceiling. Blackmail is also against the law. 

Being called "stupid" must be the world's most insulting accusation. After all, nearly everyone believes they're smart at what they do, so being called stupid is an insult to the human condition. To be called "dumb" is even worse."Dumb" is a slur, because it suggests a person is incapable of ever becoming smart or being "unstupid".  

Unfortunately, Republican are either deaf to these insults or they are "stupid is as stupid does". I suspect all of the above. 

Now, finance guru Warren Buffett joins the choral ensemble, along with Governor Jindal of Louisiana, who are resorting to appropriate name calling of the minority of dumb politicans who are creating a "dumb and dumber" label for Republicans. 

Governor Jindal of Louisiana warned Republicans, over a year ago, to stop being the "stupid" party.

Nevertheless, the dumb Repubilcans in Congress are holding back the lifting of the United States debt ceiling.  

Reuters reports, in fact, that billionaire Buffett says it's dumb of the Congress not to lift the debt ceiling, in anticipation of yet another fiscal crises, hanging like a grim reaper, over the American government's daunting budget.  

Billionaire Warren Buffett said that Congressional politicians not lifting the U.S. debt ceiling would be "pretty damn dumb" and viewed a prolonged political standoff on the issue as "disturbing."

Dumb Congress

It seems to me, the Republican "dumb" and "stupid" labels are sticking. Yet, they don't seem to care. These stupid and dumb people in Congress are harming middle class economic security by holding up President Obama's American Jobs Act. Furthermore, they're resorting to blackmail about Obamacare, using this law to leverage a vote about raising the US debt ceiling.  

This threatening behavior should be unconstitutional! 

Our US Congress has a responsibility to protect our national security including the economy. This means, passing the Jobs Act, to fix the infrastructure of the US transportation and other concrete infrastructures.

Moreover, Congress has a moral and ethical responsibility to keep the government operating.

Congressional Republicans are acting dumb and stupid. They're irresponsibly using blackmail about Obamacare and obstructionist tactics to hold our economy hostage. They're like spoiled children, while they screech in a tantrum, including a series of wasteful votes to unfund Obamacare.  

Our health care system needs the payment reforms included in Obamacare. Those who oppose the Obamacare law are probably financially secure, so they don't likely need the benefits. Yet, to unfund Obamacare isn't fair to those who need the coverage.

Completely lacking in this stupid cycle is political leadership by House Speaker John Boehner. Rather than behaving like a House Speaker, Boehner looks more like the stupid ring leader of the dumb GOP members of Congress.

Tragically, Republicans don't seem to mind the "dumb" and "stupid" labels. Sadly, Republican indifference to ignorance is the most tragic label of all. They con't care about Americans who need an operational government, so long as they get their right wing way.

Dumb and stupid Congressional Republicans, with their ring leader John Boehner, are hurting America's economy. In so doing, they're eroding the fiscal security of our nation's middle class.
Middle class voters realize how a dysfunctional government that can't pay it's bills, because the debt ceiling is frozen, is bad for our economic security. Soon, voters will show the stupid and dumb Republicans how a smart electorate can vote these obstructionist idiots out of office. 

Meanwhile, Republicans must listen to the smart opinions of middle class people who are struggling to maintain economic security. 

We need to employ smart politicians in Congress, officials who will care and nurture our nation. 

America must rid our government of dumb and stupid politicians in the Republican Party. Dangerous right wing Republican politicians appear to be the dumb and stupid puppets of an even dumber extremist minority. They need to disappear and let the real Republican Party lead the nation's conservatives.

Right wing extremists who support a dumb government might find an island off the coast of the uninhabited Easter Island, where they can worship the icons created by another stupid bunch of people who created an obsession with rock formations, eons ago.  

Stupid politicians are better off leading rock formations, rather than allowing them to put our nation into a regressive cycle of dumb and dumber regressive economics.

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