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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Right Wing Conspiracies Fueled by Mrs. Hillary Clinton's Leadership

An impressive twitter bio from Mrs. Clinton with the handle @hillaryclinton:

"wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD..."

For example, the September 11, 2001 Benghazi attack and killing of Ambassador Stevens. Right wing venom spewed conspiracy theories about the tragic death of Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi, Libya, to discredit her when it became evident that Mrs. Clinton was resigning as Secretary of State, anticipating a rest and regroup, in advance of a possible announcement that she's running for US President. This violent incident in Benghazi would have been appropriately mourned, if Mrs. Clinton were already sidelined. Perhaps, the tragedy would have been examined in the context of facts, rather than through the fog of political rhetoric, if Mrs. Clinton weren't such a strong and viable Democratic candidate for president.

This week, because Mrs. Clinton created her first "twitter" message,  complimented by her daughter and husband responding, the right wing has, again, experienced a reflexive response.  This time, the negative response is about a sex scandal cover up in the State Department, presumably when Mrs. Clinton was the Cabinet Secretary.  How many Americans are "shocked-shocked" about a sex scandal in the State Department, or, for that matter, in any other office, company, organization or community?  It's not coincidental that this right wing reaction is made out to be salacious because Mrs. Clinton put a message on twitter, with the last three characters being "TBA" (meaning, in twitter language, "to be announced"). In other words, as Mrs. Clinton moves closer to announcing her candidacy for President, the right wing becomes ever more virulent in their pursuit to slander her. There seems no end to how many lies the right wing can concoct.

At some point, one asks why Mrs. Clinton would, again, put herself through this rigmarole, when she's proven herself to be a successful public servant and extraordinary world leader?  I give her credit for opening a twitter account.  Believe me, twitter isn't for the thin skinned.  Mrs. Clinton wouldn't be on twitter unless she's serious about her future -- and, I'm assuming, it's a political future.

I pray for Mrs. Clinton to run for President because our country needs her to lead us away from right wing extremism. Frankly, we need her leadership now, more than ever.  Honestly, I was naive to believe the 2012 Presidential election was a decisive victory against extremism.  Unfortunately, the election of President Obama hasn't yet proven to be enough of a victory to overcome right wing racism, bigotry, and discrimination against immigrants, labeling the poor as "welfare recipients", or to protect women's reproductive and employment rights.  Even more important, Americans who oppose right wing extremism must elect a leader who will bring in a tide of progressive legislators to our US Congress.  Mrs. Clinton is the only proven American leader who, through her own charisma, can lead us away from right wing extremism, while bringing others along.

Right wing extremists who block immigration reform, prevent women from having access to reproductive health care and who don't believe in sharing the wealth through taxation, are a frighting menace to our human condition.  Mrs. Clinton sees through selfish, right wing hypocritical tactics.  She has the capacity to help all Americans to achieve prosperity by pushing progressive social policies and demonstrating enlightened international leadership.  

Therefore, when conspiracy stories or salacious headlines involving Mrs. Clinton are hyped by the right wing, it's really a sign of just how successful a president she will be, when she's elected in 2016. 

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