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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Horrifying Photo of California College Shooter - National Rifle Association Should Defile This Publicity

Zealous supporters of the National Rifle Association (NRA) are obsessed with their guns, regardless of the intentions of the owners. Therefore, NRA extremists might find sadistic artistic merit in the photograph of a killer carrying his death weapon into a Santa Monica, California College, so he could kill 4 people.  Incredulously, the now dead murderer with his gun is photographed entering the college with the intention of killing people. This image provides the NRA yet another death image to add to a growing collection of evil publicity.  

Unfortunately, the evil publicity generated by this eerie photograph will likely do little to curtail gun violence, although it should.  Nevertheless, I fear the image may attract more blazing attraction for killers in waiting, fueling those with similarly gruesome and murderous ambitions. But, there's no NRA outcry against gun violence, in spite of this chilling photograph.  This picture is another in a quickly growing list of multiple murder images, spotlighting the killer and fueling already escalating American gun violence.

CNN- The shooter began his rampage at a residence near the campus of Santa Monica College, opening fire in a house, where police later found two bodies. He then shot at a passing car before carjacking another vehicle.  He forced the driver, a woman, to drive onto the college campus. There he shot two people in a passing vehicle. One died at the scene. The gunman also fatally shot someone outside the campus library, where he engaged police in a gunfight, Lewis said. Officers fatally wounded him.

Potentially, there's possibly an unintended use for the horrible killer's photograph.  Perhaps, this kind of "reality" picture can do more to deter illegal immigration than any amount of border security or burdensome laws discriminating against illegal immigrants. Republicans who decry immigration reform might consider posting this horrid picture where illegal crossings are common.  Moreover, the cost of printing and posting the pictures should be billed to the National Rifle Association.  A slogan on the picture might be:  "Guns Are Legal Here"

It's fanciful thinking for the NRA to defile the photograph of a murderer carrying a gun with the intent to murder.  Therefore, I'm making the assumption that the NRA silence about this photograph is, frankly, a tacit endorsement of the image.  Unfortunately, the NRA only speaks up to protest against people seeking protection against gun violence. Would the NRA speak up if the intention of the spine tingling photograph was to deter gun violence, rather than showing the evil intention of the perpetrator of the Santa Monica homicides?  I suspect we'd hear plenty of NRA protest against this photo, if it were used in anti-gun publicity.  

Instead, it's possible the murderer's photograph is an evil public relations bonus for the NRA, because it supports the organization's fear driving messaging. Obviously, the Santa Monica killer wanted to create fear and to murder.  Yet, to date, several days after his killing spree, we haven't heard one word from the NRA to criticize the dead murderer, his deadly motives or this frightening picture.

It's time to vote out of office all public officials who won't stand up against gun violence and the undue influence of the National Rifle Association.  Let's stop the "guns over people" GOP mentality. Instead, Americans must vote for public officials who care about protecting our public safety. It's time to protect people more than the right to own guns and remember the growing number of innocent people who are murdered because "guns are legal here".

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