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Monday, June 10, 2013

Snowden was Employed! He Got Jobs with the CIA and the National Security Agency

How did Edward Snowden get into Hong Kong?

America's national unemployment rate for May 2013 was 7.6 percent of the workforce, but whistle blower Edward Snowden wasn't included in this stubborn statistic.  Instead, Snowden was employed and busy whistle blowing to the British newspaper The Guardian about how America's National Security Agency (NSA) is monitoring electronic communications and cell telephone use. During Snowden's employment, he was collecting intelligence to reveal to a British news source as a paid NSA employee. 

So, while our American news media were excluded from this intelligence scoop, our tax payers were footing the bill for Snowden's salary. Meanwhile, during the time Snowden was on the payroll, he planned an exodus to Hong Kong, a Chinese owned colony, where he decided to reveal his "deep throat" identity to The Guardian, again. (US media alert!)  How did Snowden get to Hong Kong?  I recall entering China about two years isn't easy.

It should alarm US Senators, like the bombastic Senator Rand Paul, that a turn coast employee like Snowden was allowed to work for national intelligence operations, at all. 

Snowden has turned on his country and revealed national security information to the world! Incredibly, he did this while he was on the taxpayer's payroll.

Of course, Republicans like Senator Paul  in US Congress are so busy obstructing President Obama, they forget about their responsibility to the American people.  

It's impossible for me to understand how 7.6 percent of America's workforce are looking for jobs, when somebody like Snowden was employed, while engaged in misguided whistle blowing activities.

Moreover, Senator Paul doesn't appear to spend his own taxpayer funded time in Congress trying to employee Americans. Instead, he jumps on every nuance he can squeeze out of our US news craving media, to criticize President Obama, regardless of the issue.

If Senator Paul really wants to impress American voters, he should ask how our government employed this Snowden person, in the first place?  This whistle blower, in fact, worked for the CIA and the NSA!  My media question is this: "Who does Snowden know and how does he know them?" 

Get on it, US Media, before The Guardian gets yet another intelligence scoop.  Somebody hired Snowden to work for the CIA and NSA. American taxpayers deserve to know how and why?

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