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Monday, June 03, 2013

Tea Party Should be Registered as Anti-Party

Right Wing Tea Party supporters must be thrilled about Fox News reporting a growing support for this extremist group

Unfortunately, the group is, incredulously, becoming more mainstream.  They're an "anti" party. Does anybody know what they support?  Without their "anti" agenda, the Tea Party has no meaning.

Tea Partiers were dismissed as a fringe, but two new polls suggest the conservative movement might be going mainstream. 

A Rasmussen poll released Monday found more Americans identify with the Tea Party groups than with President Obama.

According to the survey, 48 percent of voters said the average Tea Party activist is more aligned with their views on major issues than the president. Forty-four percent said Obama's views are closer to theirs.   In other words, an increasing number of Americans are "Tea Party" sympathizers, who are against the progressive agenda in opposing those who want to protect Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Health Care Reform and important social safety nets.

That came on top of a USA Today/Gallup poll that found more than a quarter of Americans affiliate themselves with the Tea Party movement.  
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Apparently, an increasing number of Americans identify with the negative themes promoted by Tea Party supporters.  A few examples:

1.  Immigration:  In spite of an overwhelming number of Americans who are descendants of immigrants, the Tea Party won't share the American Dream of our ancestors with other groups.  Instead, they prefer to reduce immigrants to the status of Colonial Era indentured servants.

2.   Health Care Reform:  In spite of the United States being among a small group of wealthy civilized countries without a national health program, the Tea Party supporters still oppose Health Care Reform and the 2010 Affordable Care Act. This is totally hypocritical because Health Care Reform provides more Americans with access to insurance coverage, an insurance they will pay for, because the rates will be affordable!  Tea Party supporters want people to pay their own way for everything, so why not bring down the cost of health insurance coverage, so more people can afford to buy coverage?  Collateral damage of the Health Care Reform law, sadly, has provided a feeding frenzy for the Tea Party "anti" movement. There's absolutely no reason for the Tea Party "anti" health care reform position. Nevertheless, the Tea Party opposes progressive health care reform, because they prefer being "anti", regardless of good reasons to support it.

3.  Education - In spite of the number of Tea Party activists who likely benefited from tax payer supported public schools, where they learned to read, their right wing position appears to oppose paying for the education of others with tax revenues.  Why?

4.  Taxes- In spite of right wing support for strong national defense, anti-terrorism and zealous American patriotism, the Tea Party opposes supporting a strong government with tax revenues.
How else do Tea Party supporters expect to pay for a national defense system, for vigilant anti-terrorism surveillance and to protect the American brand of freedom, without tax revenue? Their hypocritical position on taxes make no sense.

5.  Guns - In spite of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, giving the right to Americans to own colonial era guns and muskets, being adopted over 200 years ago, in 1789, the Tea Party insists this privilege in nearly as inalienable as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  It's impossible for a person to be "pro-life" and "pro-gun".  I've often asked for data about how many Tea Party activists are also pro-life supporters?  It seems to me, anyone "pro-gun" cannot also be "pro-life".   Although I don't know how many Tea Party supporters are pro-life,   I know they are definitely anti-gun regulations.  In my opinion, this contrary position shows how the Tea Party is, logically speaking, anti-life.

Tea Party "anti" positions create a sad statement about our American electorate.  What did the 2012 election and Obama victory stand for?  We clearly voted to re-elect President Barack Obama to be our Presidential leader. Yet, an increasing number of us seem to share the values of an "anti" group, a right wing fringe, that opposes many of President Obama's progressive ideas.  

Maybe, the real problem with the "anti" movement of the Tea Party is among Americans who sit back, while this right wing fringe gains momentum.  It's time an "anti" Tea Party movement opposes the right wing "anti" progressive agenda.  Let's "anti" the Tea Party, by reversing their growing momentum, before their movement is more than a group against immigration, health care reform, education, taxes and gun regulations.  

Let's reverse their influence before they are "anti" us.  

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