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Sunday, June 02, 2013

Fashionably Bare Arms- Women and Power

Feminine Power In Those Fashion Arms!

Women and fashion are charismatic duets, but the recent history of bare arms gives women a powerfully salient social signal. Arms are respectable and exert authority. 

Throughout history, the exposure of any womanly body part has created fashion news, but many of the exposures were mitigated by modesty. Not so with arms. Our beautiful First Lady Michele Obama has lifted the exposure of strong and bare arms to "office sheik .  Her self esteem and boldness in sleeveless fashion has infused the arm, an essential appendage of the female anatomy, with renewed respectability.  

Arms are symbolic of holding and comforting as well as aggression and defensive posturing.  Arms are strong and soft at the same time.

Mrs. Obama follows iconic First Lady Jackie Kennedy, who also portrayed her demurely powerful arms, as this photograph shows:

And this stunning vision of feminine power in a sleeveless  Versace gown, elegantly worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales
When women of the developing world are exposed to a female leader who they admire, they must be in awe of the power in these respectable images.  These women don't expose themselves to grab attention.  Women who boldly, fashionably and respectably bare their slender arms are sending message to all our female colleagues.  We are armed with the power to lead, and influence others to create a more beautiful and peaceful world.  

Unfortunately, many women in the world are victims of fashion terrorism. For zealous religious reasons, they wear black, head to toe burkas. These bleak gowns customarily cover their bodies like shrouds, before they're dead.  

It seems to me, in this age of international instant communications, the burka imprisoned women must eventually see what fashion icons like Michelle Obama are wearing.  They must see Mrs. Obama in pearls and sleeveless dress and wonder if they, too, can be like her.  Why not?  

Sleeveless fashion doesn't violate feminine modesty.  As a matter of fact, most sleeveless fashion attracts attention, without offending anyone.

Those blessed with slender or well developed arms have every reason to exhibit their feminine mystique by wearing sleeveless fashions.  In so doing, they can rise above the status of dedicated fashionistas.   Fashion boldness can inspire independence among all women, even those who live most of their lives wearing burkas. Sleeveless fashion can, potentially, infuse those imprisoned in ugly burkas to seek fashionable and powerfully lovely attire (and independence).  

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