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Friday, May 31, 2013

Syria Will Demand International Leadership from President Obama

Syria is escalating into a very dangerous international confrontation. Americans are now in a position where reacting to the urgent needs of Syrian rebels puts our nation face to face in a conflict with Russia.

The world has become a more dangerous place during the time Republicans have been creating angst about a ridiculous trio of "scandals". This is particularly so because the Syrian government is now receiving military aid from Russia- a situation that threatens Middle East stability with potentially awesome consequences.

This ominous Russian involvement calls for a leadership moment from President Obama. Although he's been challenged by a rigorous re-election campaign while, concurrently, providing supportive executive grief counseling for a series of national tragedies, these situations haven't summoned the leadership skills of a John F. Kennedy, during the Cuban Crisis. In my opinion, the escalating Syrian crises, complicated by Russian involvement, requires John F. Kennedy type of leadership action.

President Obama has extended several threats to the Syrian government, but the rebellion continues to look like a massacre of the insurgents, many of them are Christian martyrs.

Russian involvement in the Syrian war is a deliberate taunting of the US warnings against such actions. Apparently, the Russians are looking for a confrontation.  One has to wonder about their motivation for this antagonistic interference?  

Well, we're likely to find out soon, very soon, because the carnage in Syria is demanding accountability.  

President Obama has a chance to demonstrate executive leadership, while creating historic significance, by protecting Middle East stability. Hopefully, he's preparing himself by reading a lot about President John F. Kennedy, General Dwight David Eisenhower and Sir Winston Churchill.

Unfortunately, Syria may become the unlikely legacy President Obama will leave on his history. 

(June 4th twitter from Richard Engel:  At least 147 people whose bodies were found in #Aleppo’s river between Jan- March probably executed in govt-run areas, Human Rights Watch)

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