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Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Americans Deserve a Political Party Called "Common Sense'

When Americans look at political parties, we see ideological advocates who seldom find common ground.  In the past, candidates campaigned with their party base but, after the election, they worked at governing.  

In other words, as retired Senator Olympia Snowe said, "there's a time for campaigning and a time for governing".  

Unfortunately, our national party candidates, especially the Republicans, are too entrenched in ideology.  It's time Americans vote out of office the politicians who contribute to destructive and gridlocked government.

Perhaps Americans can hold a referendum on political parties.  It's possible Americans can insist on a Common Sense political party.  Although Republicans and Democrats might find comfort in their political camps, they should be graded by referendum on how they govern on common sense issues.  For example, here are a few "report card" issues whereby any politician can be graded as a Common Sense advocate:

Vote "Yes" or "No" 

1.  When balancing a budget, an organization and government needs a balance of both revenue and expenses.  (Vote "yes" or "no")
2.  When taking our nation into a war, there must be clear evidence of a credible threat to our national security. (Vote "yes" or "no").
3.  Government has a responsibility to pay for the reasonable and necessary cost of providing for the public health and security of all our citizens. (Voe "yes" or "no")
4.  American Second Amendment Rights should not include the unregulated right for individuals to own arsenals of rapid fire assault weapons with enough deadly ammunition to initiate public massacres.
(Vote "yes" or "no")
5.  American workers are entitled to the security of a pension and health care, sufficient to keep them out of poverty during their retirement years. (Vote "yes" or "no")
6.  Natural US disasters, whereby there's a tragic loss of property and life, should receive federal assistance in the form of humanitarian aid and low interest disaster relief loans, with a minimum of red tape. (Vote "yes" or "no").
7.  Americans deserve government investment to assure safe and efficient physical infrastructures for the purpose of transportation, commerce and communication. (Vote "yes" or "no")
8.  American citizens are all descendants of immigrants. (Vote "yes" or "no")
9.  Veterans of America's defense serving in good conduct in the military or as public safety, first responders and public safety deserve federally subsidized health care and pensions. (Vote "yes" or "no")
10.  America's teachers should be education experts, and paid for their professional status as the leaders and role models we expect them to be for our children. (Vote "yes" or "no")
11.  Health care in America should be accessible, of high quality and affordable for all people who need care when they are ill or suffer an injury.

If we the people can get all politicians to agree on the above 11 Common Sense issues, then it's entirely possible we can create a functional government where gridlock disappears.  

Partisan politics clearly can't produce common sense solutions.  It's time we create a Common Sense party where candidates can agree on what's in the best interest of our human condition, rather than in the self interest of political parties. 



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