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Thursday, November 08, 2012

When Fox News Called Ohio - Karl Rove Played Catch Up,0,911700.story

Americans should demand an investigation about how it was Karl Rove thought he had the authority to influence Fox News to recall the Ohio election results, while he was live broadcasting the Electoral College data.  

While Republican strategist Karl Rove continued adding his figures with a pencil, like a third grader in arithmetic class, the number cruncher statisticians called the election for President Obama.  

Rove must have thought he had authority over the Fox News election network anchors, because he was stubbornly unwilling to take the word of brilliant statisticians sitting in a remote control room. 

Therefore, he directed the right wing Fox News network to recall their Ohio projection.  He said it was premature. Of course, it wasn't premature, at all. Rather, it was correct.

Statisticians used their own arithmetic to say the uncounted votes would not exceed the number needed for Governor Romney, so there was no need to prolong the count.

Sadly, Rove's denial of reality was painfully obvious.  Evidently, he was unaware that every other news network called Ohio for President Obama's Electoral College count. Therefore, if Fox News held back, their entire news team would look stupid. Instead, it was Karl Rove, with his pencil in hand, fruitlessly adding, who looked stupid. He would not accept the obvious.  

Perhaps Rove believed he was the only person in the entire world allowed to call the results of the 2012 Presidential election.  Sympathetically, we all have moments in our lives when we're too stunned about an event to respond reasonably.  These life events are rare, but Karl Rove experienced one of them on international television.  President Obama was re-elected without Rove's consent.  Who authorized that?  Hello?  Voters spoke.

Rove experienced an on air TV melt down.  Rove was visibly forced to play election catch up. Rather than the authoritarian right wing pundit who pulled the election night strings for vulnerable Fox News viewers, who trusted his personal projections, he stammered while his pencil worked feverishly to re-create poll numbers. Meanwhile, computer generated data out of Ohio came with lightning speed.  Ohio's 18 electoral college votes go to President Obama, putting him over the 270 required for re-election.

Of course, Rove's pencil count never caught up with the networks.  Ohio was called for President Obama at about 11:15 PM, the election of 2012 was over.

Except, consideration for the veracity and integrity of Fox News, it's not over.  

Americans, like me, want to understand how is was that Karl Rove, on election night, thought he had the authority to ask Fox News to recall their Ohio projections, because they favored President Obama.

What's even more incredulous is how the usually savvy Karl Rove was misled about the Ohio outcome, in the first place, because the polls were undeniably trending to predict the President's win.

Karl Rove looked like Curly in a Three Stooges plot trying to add up polling data, until the sum favored Governor Romney. Yet, his demeanor was anything but funny math. Rove's unprofessional live denial at being told the truth about the election causes me to wonder. How was it Rove assumed the authority to ask that the Fox News projection be recalled or postponed?

It's time investigative journalism catches up with Karl Rove.

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