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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Women Voter Alert - War on Women is Real

My question is "why"?  Two women on social media tell me they're voting for Romney-Ryan, but they're unable to tell me "why?"  

These misguided women aren't voting in their own best interest.  Republicans have been clear about how their public policy will cut funding for Planned Parenthood, where middle and low income women currently have access to affordable health care including contraception.  These groupie Romney women don't remember the time, before the Planned Parenthood, when women had no access to contraception. In fact, Planned Parenthood was created by a group of largely Republican women to prevent unwanted pregnancies among young women. 

Reducing unwanted pregnancies allows women to focus on improving their human condition through education and jobs. They can aspire to work and earn retirement benefits, including qualifying for Social Security and Medicare. 

One twitter woman told me she believed women didn't need primary care provided by Planned Parenthood, or other health care providers, because "99 percent of women's health and wellness can be solved with exercise" (this statement falls under the "I can't make this stuff up" category).  As I'm a nurse, this completely misguided, wrong minded, "exercise" statement is counter to physiology.  Sure, exercise will reduce obesity risk and can postpone early onset diabetes. But exercise won't prevent endometriosis or female cancers of the breast, cervix or ovaries, where early diagnosis are essential for recovery.

Another misinformed twitter women said she'll vote for Romney-Ryan because Planned Parenthood in Washington state fraudulently billed Medicaid $700,000 to pay for abortions.  As a nurse, I told this misinformed lady how Medicaid doesn't pay for any abortions, so the claim is totally false.  Although I have no inside information about Washington State Medicaid billing, I know, for certain, how Medicaid can't be billed for abortion services.  Nonetheless, this twitter lady from Washington State claims she's voting for Romney.  Why? Her response to my questions receive serial misinformed statements, but no answers.

Meanwhile, Congressman Todd Akin is running for Senate in Missouri as a pro-life candidate. He clearly said there's such a heinous violent act he called "legitimate rape".

"Since first uttering the regrettable comments about "legitimate rape," Missouri Republican Senate candidate Todd Akin has been his own most formidable foe – distracting attention from his big-government campaign theme against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill by continuing to say quirky or questionable things."

Indiana Republican Richard Mourdock didn't get the memo Akin heard in stereo from women's groups about the physiology of pregnancy caused by rape.  Mourdock said something fanciful like pregnancy caused by rape is a ludicrous divine intention.  "..he refused to apologize Wednesday for saying that rape resulting in pregnancy is 'something God intended'."

Although I've fought the 140 character or less arguments with several of these misguided women, the results are disheartening Unfortunately, bully behavior by the "exercise" lady caused me to block her and the Washington State lady tells me I'm talking down to her when I explain how abortion isn't covered by Medicaid. 

It's even more disheartening to realize how these and other women probably represent many more who are just like them.

As a nurse, I know these women are harbingers for the future of women's health care.  Romney-Ryan have somehow mesmerized some women into believing health care is about exercise and Medicaid billing.  In other words, if these opinions prevail, women's health care will be driven by presumption rather than physiology.

Of course, when President Obama is re-elected, women can anticipate support for health care based upon medical research and physiological science.  I'm posting this blog link on twitter, with a prayer for the enlightenment of women who are misguided into voting against their own best health care interest.

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