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Friday, October 26, 2012

Glenn Beck is Like The Embarrassing Uncle- His Outbursts Startle When We Least Expect Him

"Morning Joe" MSNBC news ends by asking the pundit guest a question: "What did you learn today?".

Throughout this 2012 election, what I've learned isn't lighthearted or even helpful. Nonetheless, I've learned that some narcissistic people in America will abuse their right to free speech for the purpose of promoting their egos and showmanship.

Unfortunately, Glenn Beck is a person I've learned more about. Although I'd rather know as little as possible about this self proclaimed conservative pundit, his outrageous hate muckraking causes me to pay attention to his nefarious appeal. 

Beck passionately searches for alleged corruption and scandal by inventing arguments based upon his own interpretation of sources, like the Bible. Beck is not a minister, but he uses Scripture to create interpretation of politics. 

 Moreover, Beck uses Sacred Scripture to stir hate.

In other words, for people of faith, Beck is evil because no one in the universe is qualified to use the Bible to influence people about politics.

When I grew up, there were embarrassing relatives and friends who we never wanted to have in our midst.  Nonetheless, the family felt obligated to invite these people to certain gatherings while trying to maintain civility about the potential for them to create angst.

When the particular holiday or gathering passed, these embarrassing relatives would return home where we conveniently forgot about them until the next event.

Unfortunately, Glenn Beck lives on in YouTube and Fox News.

He's the Embarrassing Uncle with an immortal media life span.

Glenn Beck is a hateful man who makes his living stirring similar negative and destructive emotions in others.  Beck's right to free speech shouldn't allow him to take advantage of the vulnerability of others, who are his misguided followers.

Like our embarrassing relatives, Beck needs an elder of the family to speak with him about his terrible behavior, before he's allowed to speak publicly.  

Beck is horribly more pervasive than an embarrassing relative.  He's a dangerous embarrassment to free speech because he abuses his influence by misrepresenting information, skewed to his distorted view of the world order, according to him.  

It's time to un-invite Beck into our mainstream media and block his messaging for being intellectual pornography.



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