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Monday, October 29, 2012

President Barack Obama - Leadership During Weather Crisis in Frankenstorm Sandy

Obama Holds Press Conference on Hurricane Sandy: 

President Obama held a brief press conference on Monday at the White House at 12:45pm to discuss the preparedness of federal, state, and local agencies in the face of oncoming Hurricane Sandy. 
Many millions of Americans will be negatively impacted by this large and ferocious storm.

"The Monitor's Mark Clayton reports that, by 6 p.m., about 2.1 million people were without electricity in nine US eastern states."

Americans are inundated with "Frankenstorm" Hurricane Sandy news - an unprecedented storm of historic significance, creating the lowest Barometric pressure ever recorded for a storm north of Cape Hatteras.
"Hurricane Sandy Intensifies As Barometric Pressure Drops To 951 mb This Morning; Massive Storm Surges Expected And Winds To 80 mph In NYC!"

President Obama said:  "We just had an excellent meeting with the FEMA team here, the various agencies that are in charge, including the Department of Defense, the Department of Energy and others that are going to need to respond very quickly."

Sandy's sad weather news is tortuous because of the unknown economic and human impact. Yet, Sandy isn't conspiracy FoxNews or pundits making up news. 

Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy is real news....

Moreover, President Obama, as President of the United States, shows real leadership by affirming the support of disaster emergency management agencies to help after Sandy's weather danger finally dissipates.

Americans hired President Obama to lead our nation during times of uncertainty.  He does his job extremely well.  Of course, Americans will want to keep a highly competent, consistent leader for a re-elected more years.

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