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Friday, November 02, 2012

Karl Rove Extraordinary Negative Ad Buy Prior to Election Day

Americans deserve truth in elections. Karl Rove, obviously, doesn't care about truth. He spends millions of dollars in negative ads to focus on spreading lies. 

In Maine, a litany of cheaply made, even laughable, negative ads, were thrown like chump change into a campaign to defeat former Governor Angus King's campaign for US Senate. The ads are filled with lies, plus, they're a huge waste of money.

Certainly, the concept of truth is alien to Karl Rove. Hiding under a series of Political Action Committee (PAC) names, like Crossroads American, the Rove strategy is to throw money on politically negative ad buys, flooding nearly every television market.  

Negative ad money galore!

These negative ads are completely void of facts. Yet, they're filling the airwaves with expensive and wasteful rhetoric to frighten the tiny number of undecided voters into voting for Governor Romney.

Who is Karl Rove and how in the world did one many become so politically influential? Here's his bio

Although Mr. Rove certainly earned his political strategist status, he has no right to use unlimited amounts of campaign money to build lies that feed fear in the electorate.

One ad shows a 30 something woman speaking from her affluent upper middle class modern kitchen, speaking to viewers after looking at her iPad.  She asks what President Obama will do to fix the deficit. Yet, this woman's high quality living status certainly appears to be one of affluence.  How will the American deficit impact her? Not at all, in my opinion.  

Another negative ad falsely portrays China as somehow controlling America's future. Yet, it was the wealthy Mitt Romney who sold thousands of jobs to China to drive profits for his venture capitalist Bain Capital.  Thousands of Americans lost their jobs when Romney sold their companies so Bain capital made loads of money for investors.

Karl Rove's most outrageous negative ads are the lies specifically targeted to alarm factory workers.  Shamefully, Romney - Karl Rove tells Ohio workers that the famous JEEP brand will sell their jobs, when nothing is further from the truth.  This fearful negative ad was repudiated by Chrysler executives. Of course, fear of losing their jobs spins uncertainty, which is exactly what the Romney campaign counts on.

Americans are confused about Romney.  Even those who might vote for him are uncertain about whether or not he is trustworthy. Romney flip-flopped so often, it's hard to remember what his positions are on key issues like health care, the war in Afghanistan or even on privatizing Medicare and Social Security.

On the other hand, everyone knows that President Obama is steadfastly leading our nation forward.  

We need to keep moving forward with certainty. Obviously, Americans can't risk uncertain leadership.  

Romney's campaign lies because Karl Rove believes if they keep throwing enough money into negative ads, it's like a blind man shooting at a target.  Something will eventually stick.  

Truth, on the other hand, is consistently progressive and enlightening.  Karl Rove wasteful negative ad buys will never see the light of truth - they're hugely expensive ad buys, without offering solutions.

How much money has Karl Rove invested in the Cayman Islands?  It's likely there's enough buried treasure invested in those offshore fiscal sanctuaries for him to remain hidden when the world demands accountability for his unethical negative lie campaign 2012 strategy.

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