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Saturday, November 03, 2012

My Closing Arguments

Governor Romney has no back bone:

1. He doesn't tell the truth.
2. He won't speak with the press about his position on FEMA; 
3. He won't support the same health care reform law he passed as governor of Massachusetts; 
4.  He won't show Americans his income taxes, 
5.  He won't explain how it is there's an extraordinary amount of money in his IRA account, 
6.  He won't explain how he can sign SEC documents for Bain Capital when he claims he wasn't in charge, he never explained his residency compliance when he was challenged about his address when running for Governor of Massachusetts; 
7.  He continues to back untruthful fearful negative ads even when they are proven false but he won't explain why; 
8.  He won't tax the rich people in his own wealthy income bracket, 9.  He won't describe to Americans what tax loop holes he intends to close for middle class people;
10. He won't protect Medicare, supports a "coupon" voucher system to pay for health care for senior citizens. 

...this litany of side steps and inconsistencies are too many to keep up with.  President Barack Obama is consistent and is a president we can trust.  President Obama's trustworthiness  has earned him re-election.

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