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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Republican Tax Lemmings

Asking the US Congress for the very reasonable decision to slightly raise taxes on the rich seems like a "no brainer". Unfortunately, Republican lawmakers seem like they are entrenched in a crowd mentality about blocking this effort, even after the November 6th election, where President Obama was re-elected because he appealed to America's middle class.

"Nothing is as certain as death and taxes" said American Patriot Benjamin Franklin.

American author Margaret Mitchell added to the mix, writing in "Gone With the Wind",  "Death, taxes and childbirth! There's never any convenient time for any of them."

Although America's super rich Republicans were somehow able to afford large campaign contributions to defeat President Obama, many are, apparently, reluctant to pay just a little more in taxes to help reduce the nation's deficit over time.  

Post election reality is still settling in among many Republicans.  Overheard yesterday at a discussion in Portland, Maine, one strident Republican said, "Well, if the people want to vote in a Greece economy, then let them."  This gentleman was hard wired against considering his response as being part of the national debt problem.  Hello?  If the wealthy don't pay more taxes, then the middle class becomes poorer, because they'll be forced to pick up the burden   It's arithmetic. 

US Congressional Republicans are like post election lemmings heading off a fiscal cliff. They seem more willing to make a suicidal plunge into the ocean of entrenchment than to admit they have the capacity to help solve the nation's deficit. 

Hopefully, President Obama's election victory will startle some of these right wing Grover Norquist anti tax groupies into reality.  House Speaker John Boehner is an example of a man who has not yet accepted the fact that his own state of Ohio voted to re-elect President Barack Obama to a second term.  

Perhaps Speaker Beohner needs a civics lesson.  In two more years, he will run for re-election.   

My advise to Speaker Boehner is, the same strategy that worked to re-elect President Obama can, likewise, replace you in Congress.

It's high time Republicans behave like tax and deficit reducing realists by turning their lemming attitudes toward solutions.

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