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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Romney Inconsistencies - Health Records and 2011 Taxes

More questions than any news cycle can keep up with, on purpose.
Health records are ambiguous, the tax filing omits investment information and cover ups are "covered up".

Like the Abbott and Costello baseball skit, "Who's on First?", the Romney campaign can't stay ahead of the news. 

In other words, voters can't get a clear answer from the Romney campaign about their candidate's health or taxes. News media and voters are kept in the baseball analogy cycle of wondering "Who" is on first and "What" is on second?

On Friday, September 21, Mitt Romney released a summary health record and 2011 tax information, at the same time. 

Both reports were released on a Friday afternoon, thereby missing the morning news like Today, Morning Joe or Good Morning America. The Friday timing is intentional, to avoid hard questions.

Here's what I'm asking:

1. What's the truth behind Romney's automobile accident in France in June 1968? What were the nature of his head injuries?

Romney's health record claims he's physically fit to be President, while his running mate was declared to be in "excellent" health. As a nurse, I'm asking why the report emphasized "physical health" for Romney while being much clearer about Ryan. There's a nuanced difference between "fit to meet the demands" or being of adequate physical health and the "excellent" described as the health of his running mate . Romney did not reach the threshold of the "excellent" report received by Ryan. In fact, the physician's summary provides documentation of a head injury Romney received in a 1968 auto accident, but no details.

At least one blogger at DaileyKos says the head injury Romney experienced in a 1968, automobile accident in France, was worse than described. 

Blogger DocChap suggests a cover up was initiated at the time of the accident.

Theories are that this accident lead to a tramautic brain injury (TBI) similar to what Iraq and Afghanastan war veterans experience after exposure to roadside bombs. Regardless of the nature of the injury, the facts as I see them are (a) Romney was involved in a serious automobile accident in 1968 in France where a person was killed (b) the priest driving the second car involved in the accident was a bishop named Bishop Jean Felix Albert Marie Vilnet, who is still alive as per Wikepedia:
Jean-Félix-Albert-Marie Vilnet (born April 8, 1922) is a French Prelate of the Roman Catholic Church.
Vilnet was born in Chaumont and was ordained a priest on October 22, 1944. Vilnet was appointed bishop of the Diocese of Saint-Dié on September 24, 1964 and ordained bishop on December 13, 1964.
On June 16, 1968, Bishop Vilnet was involved in a serious automobile accident with another vehicle driven by future American presidential candidate Willard "Mitt" Romney.  Vilnet was appointed to the Archbishop of Lille on August 13, 1983 and remained there until his retirement on July 2, 1998.

Theories notwithstanding, Romney's campaign hasn't been forthcoming about this automobile incident. This inability to be forthcoming is consistent with Romney history of cover ups, like paying $100,000 to have computer hard drives of his staff purged after he left the office of Governor Massachusetts, making it nearly impossible for future investigative reporting of his transactions.

2.  Taxes- Romney has covered up tax information for years.  

Were Romney's 2011 taxes deliberately skewed to make sure he paid at least the 14 percent claimed in news interviews? Of course they were.  Immediately, questions were raised about how Romney reported his considerable investment income. 

Previous, undisclosed filings, continue to raise questions.

Tax experts say Romney could have claimed more deductions, bringing his tax rate down to 13 percent, but he deliberately chose not to do so. Of course, there's nothing illegal about not taking deductions, but the error was a deliberate calculation to make his public statements align with his 2011 tax reports.  Unfortunately, Romney's most current reports do nothing to answer questions about previous tax filings, especially regarding issues raised about the legality of his residency when he ran for Governor of Massachusetts.  Legal suits were filed at the time Romney ran for governor, claiming he was not a legal resident of Massachusetts as required by law. Nonetheless, Romney somehow avoided proving the truth of his residency. Subsequently, the residency issue was never clearly proven, because of inconsistencies between Romney's word (he says he was a Massachusetts resident) versus the residence he claimed on his tax reports- being Utah.  

Romney's serial inconsistencies sound like a monotonous drum beat. They're intentionally creating cumulatively irritating noise, too loud to track down the sources.  As reported by "MassBlueGroup", Romney has a pattern of reporting false and misleading statements.

Americans can't abide a potential Romney President, a man who has a history of creating ambiguity and doubt. We'll be a politically paralyzed nation if the media is consumed with second guessing cover ups and inconsistencies.  Sincerely, my dear blog readers, we don't need a "Watergate 2013". 

Informed Americans will vote to re-elect President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden because they are trustworthy.

We know "who" they are and "what" they represent. 

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Blogger DrYattz said...

This is a well-written and appropriately challenging overview of the unaddressed and unresolved quandries regarding Romney's mental capacity and trustworthiness for Presidency. The TBI vs. coverup contradiction boxes Romney in a corner.

If we are to believe his biography The Real Romney by Michael Kranish and Scott Helman (2007), Romney was declared dead at the scene of the 1968 accident in France, then was comatose for two to three days. This is predictive of significant brain injury, with adverse longterm sequelae which may be subtle, but are generally significant.

But other documentation indicates that Romney only sustained minor abraisions, and was released from the hospital the following day.
But someone - he or his father's campaign advisors - concocted a story of the accident being the fault of a drunken bishop Vilnet (although postmortem analyses of the accident indicate Romney may very well have been at fault).

So, the big question: is Romney
A) brain-injured
B) a pathological liar
or C) both.

I'm leaning heavily toward C.

8:36 AM  
Blogger Juliana Maine Writer said...

Thank you for your helpful commentary, I'm sure, like multitudes of others, the discrepancies in the "head injury" story are more worrisome than the facts about the unfortunate incident. Why isn't there just one accurate story? At this point, post 1968, it's just plain common sense to declare the facts- head injury and all. Too many inconsistencies in the Romney campaign.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Dave Burgess said...

Very well written article, I've looked online at various stories that are not making the media regarding Mitt Romney, this is the most articulate.

8:39 AM  
Blogger Juliana Maine Writer said...

Dear David, Thank you for your comment. Likewise, I don't know why this story about the head injury has not been public because the Romney campaign released a health record with a concussion documented! Moreover, there are so many inconsistencies, ie, "lies" in the Romney-Ryan campaign rhetoric, it's overwhelming but truth tellers cannot just stand aside. Thank you for your interest. Let me know if you find anything more in your searches.

10:18 AM  

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