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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Voter Fraud and the Democratic National Convention

Even if your television was on moot to prevent hearing the political noise, it was impossible to ignore the stark rainbow differences between audiences at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Fl and the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte NC.

This demographic difference between the color spectrum attending each of the two political parties is one of the underlying reasons why right wing Republicans, which seems to be most of the political party, is hyped up about voter fraud.  These fear stirring zealots have a way of coining certain words to mask bigotry. Voter fraud is this kind of race baiting pseudonym.  Some Republicans seem fixated on ways to morph the myth of voter fraud into a flimsy fact by hammering it into America's consciousness. If this "voter fraud" myth prevails, it will motivate a closing down of voter protection rights whereby elections will become an occasion when chosen groups, deemed worthy, will be allowed access to the ballot box.

There's no evidence to support voter fraud. Republicans say it's difficult to prove voter fraud because the data is not collected to identify where it occurs. Therefore, they want to clamp down on all voters by requiring onerous identification verification, to fix a problem they can't prove exists.  If a citizen can't prove their identity with a birth certificate and photo ID, they won't be permitted to vote.  Who are these people who can't produce a birth certificate and a photo ID?

Of course, people impacted by voter fraud laws are the poor, the naturalized immigrant who may not have access to the original documents of their birth, those who cannot afford to own an automobile, and driver's license and those who don't have access to the resources for obtaining sufficient identification.

Republican voter fraud police neglect to acknowledge that America's ethnic minorities are clearly growing in numbers and will soon be the collective majority, regardless of how many laws or policies are promulgated to control power among the elite by false voter fraud claims.  In other words, right wing Republicans who are distressed by racial color differences evident at the two national conventions know they are outnumbered. They can see it's only a matter of time when white upper middle class Americans will soon be out of the American mainstream, regardless of the pace of the nation's economic recovery.

Certainly, the pundit comedian Steven Colbert was able to conceptualize the racial diversity at the DNC  (link above).



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