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Friday, September 07, 2012

President Obama's Convention Speech Flies Under the Right Wing Radar Screen

President Obama told Americans exactly what they had to hear in his acceptance speech in Charlotte NC.  He sailed his speech under the right wing radar screen by simply telling voters what it is we need to do in November.  We must vote.

Most important, the morning after sound bites avoided visceral responses from extremists, who would have heaped venom on anything they interpreted as being an outlier comment.

Instead of creating negative news, the President's speech plainly laid out the job for voters in November. 

He said we have a job to do.

"A choice between two fundamentally different visions for the future."

President Obama says America will go to a better place when we vote, in November, for him to lead our nation for four more years.

Transcending the nation's dicey economic situation, President Obama explained the enormity of the challenges our nation faces:

"But for all the progress we've made, challenges remain. Terrorist plots must be disrupted. Europe's crisis must be contained. Our commitment to Israel's security must not waver, and neither must our pursuit of peace. The Iranian government must face a world that stays united against its nuclear ambitions. The historic change sweeping across the Arab World must be defined not by the iron fist of a dictator or the hate of extremists, but by the hopes and aspirations of ordinary people who are reaching for the same rights that we celebrate today."

Unlike the Republicans who overlooked their responsibility to appreciate our military, President Obama reached out to support American troops and their families. 

"Tonight, we pay tribute to the Americans who still serve in harm's way. We are forever in debt to a generation whose sacrifice has made this country safer and more respected. We will never forget you. And so long as I'm Commander-in-Chief, we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. When you take off the uniform, we will serve you as well as you've served us – because no one who fights for this country should have to fight for a job, or a roof over their head, or the care that they need when they come home."

President Obama spoke to undecided voters who look for fiscal responsibility in the nation's revenue and spending:

"Now, I'm still eager to reach an agreement based on the principles of my bipartisan debt commission. No party has a monopoly on wisdom. No democracy works without compromise. But when Governor Romney and his allies in Congress tell us we can somehow lower our deficit by spending trillions more on new tax breaks for the wealthy – well, you do the math. I refuse to go along with that. And as long as I'm President, I never will."

Although the President spoke to fiscal responsibility, he also clearly drew a line in the sand about how budget cuts must do no harm:
"You can choose a future where we reduce our deficit without wrecking our middle class."

"I refuse to ask middle class families to give up their deductions for owning a home or raising their kids just to pay for another millionaire's tax cut. I refuse to ask students to pay more for college; or kick children out of Head Start programs, or eliminate health insurance for millions of Americans who are poor, elderly, or disabled – all so those with the most can pay less."

"And I will never turn Medicare into a voucher. No American should ever have to spend their golden years at the mercy of insurance companies. They should retire with the care and dignity they have earned. Yes, we will reform and strengthen Medicare for the long haul, but we'll do it by reducing the cost of health care – not by asking seniors to pay thousands of dollars more. And we will keep the promise of Social Security by taking the responsible steps to strengthen it – not by turning it over to Wall Street."

Voting was the most important message President Obama gave in his acceptance speech. He sent a clarion call to voters: 

"If you believe that new plants and factories can dot our landscape; that new energy can power our future; that new schools can provide ladders of opportunity to this nation of dreamers; if you believe in a country where everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same rules, then I need you to vote this November."

Indeed, the Democratic National Convention orchestrated a symphonic message about protecting the American Dream.

This morning after, with both 2012 national party conventions history, Americans will contemplate our nation's future without a filter of sound bites.  The resounding success of the Democratic convention reawakened the party faithful and inspired us to be there, in the voting booth, in support of President Obama in November.  As acceptance speeches go, President Obama avoided the temptation to engage in self adoration. Instead, he threw the responsibility for the future to us voters. Like a basketball heading for the backboard, it's up to us to tip the ball into the ring.

In the end, the President's best quote was a fact:
"I am the President".  

And a voter fact: We want him to succeed during the next 4 years.

Daily Beast review of President Obama's speech says it was a back to back home run after former President Clinton's:



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