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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Commander in Chief Remembers to Remember the Troops

"I only regret you’re repeating it day in and day out," Romney said. 

It's inexcusable for Republicans Romney-Ryan to give major speeches at their national convention in Tampa FL, without remembering to tribute our American troops, living in war zones.

Even worse than the avoidable omission was the stupid response the candidates made to explain the obvious mistake. Romney made excuses like a confused cartoon character.

I'm blown away that Republicans will stand behind a Presidential candidate who won't own up to an outrageous and avoidable mistake.

"In an interview with Fox News this afternoon, Mitt Romney shot back at critics who complained that he didn’t mention Afghanistan or praise U.S. troops in his convention speech last week, arguing that he focused on issues that are 'important.' Fox News’s Brett Baier told Romney that 'several speakers' at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this week criticized the GOP presidential nominee for the omissions (actually it was right-wing foreign policy leader Bill Kristol who started the attacks) and asked him if he had any regrets. 'I only regret you’re repeating it day in and day out,' Romney said, adding that his speech focused on things that are important..."

This RNC Romney-Ryan omission is not a liberal slam.  In fact, ultra conservative Bill Kristol brought up the avoidable error:

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, neoconservative commentator and founder of The Weekly Standard Bill Kristol told host Chris Wallace that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney‘s RNC speech had a “narrow” message because it ignored the War in Afghanistan and any mention of American troops abroad.

Kristol made the case that the Romney campaign sacrificed other issues to focus solely on the economy and jobs. “Mitt Romney used the term ‘jobs’ 25 times I think,” he pointed out, “but he didn’t mention Afghanistan, he didn’t mention the troops, didn’t even thank the troops for their their service.”

“He mentioned debt once, deficits twice, didn’t mention the Supreme Court,” Kristol continued. “A lot of important issues out there in American politics. They decided it was a very conscious tactical and strategic decision: we just got to make it about jobs. Obama hasn’t produced, we can produce.”

“In my view (said Kristol) it’s maybe a little narrow for a presidential message,” he added before conceding that the war is unpopular and would have begged a multitude of questions had Romney mentioned it in his speech.

Hello? But, Romney didn't even thank the troops, who are suffering injury and death to protect American security against terrorism.

It took Bill Kristol to bring out Romney-Ryan's insensitive omission because so few people watched the convention acceptance speech where they both forgot to remember the troops.

Romney says he fixed a lot of things as the CEO of the money making Bain Capital, but his executive business experience didn't season him for the sensitivity required to be a Commander in Chief.

A qualified Commander in Chief remembers to remember the men and women who are defending our nation.

Romney-Ryan are poorly qualified, by their lack of military experience, to be Commanders-in-Chief. By their neglect to mention our troops at the RNC, they demonstrate how they're certainly not worthy of being patriotic political leaders.



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