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Monday, September 03, 2012

Ageism and Leadership

If Romney and his staff can't manage a competent campaign convention, it's impossible to believe he "will not fail", as his wife proudly proclaimed in her GOP Convention speech. 

Romney's leadership was vacuous at the Republican convention.

Instead, the post convention autopsy is fixated on the ageism act by award winning actor Clint Eastwood. Rather than rally the convention during an epitome moment, Eastwood gave a degrading performance reminiscent of a cheap impromptu saloon skit.

Rather than build up a potential Romney presidency, he gave away to ageism, "a tendency to regard older persons as debilitated, unworthy of attention, or unsuitable for employment".

Eastwood's ego as an award winning actor eroded the reason why he was a convention guest.  He wasn't there to be Eastwood. His "empty chair act" flopped.

Governor Mitt Romney showed virtually no leadership during his shining convention moment. While he was showcased to ceremoniously receive his party's nomination to run for president, he missed the opportunity to display presidential qualities.  His acceptance speech was completely void of empathy or an insightful moment.  Instead, Romney's speech was badly segued with Eastwood's degrading introduction and, furthermore, did not fulfill his wife Ann Romney's prophesy.

Regardless of our political party affiliation, Americans expect President Obama's Democratic acceptance speech in Charlotte South Carolina to be a rousing success.  We know our president is an accomplished speech giver, but it won't take much effort to out perform Romney.

We get the impression that Mitt Romney has a bucket list with the title of President of the United States on it.  

But, winning a Presidential election demands leadership.  Eastwood's degrading performance in advance of Romney's shining nomination moment is a harbinger of how the candidate would lead the nation.  It's possible Romney's leadership could be as disoriented as Eastwood's saloon act.

With a sigh of relief, the  2012 Republican convention is finally over. We can now look forward to elect demonstrated leadership.  

As President Obama's campaign sticker says,  General Motors is alive and Bin Laden is dead.

This is a leadership "bumper sticker" summary of the last 4 Presidential years.

Eastwood's ageism moment should never have happened.  Talking about it days after the convention ended is an example of Romney's leadership.  He missed his "....we're not red states and blue states, but we're United States...." moment. 



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