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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Romney Attacks the Poor in Lying Welfare to Work Political Attack Ads

Politicians who lower themselves to attacking how poor people are provided humanitarian income assistance are showing desperation.   

Governor Mitt Romney has descended to this despicable level by accusing President Obama of creating a dependency culture by changing welfare reform laws, passed by President Clinton. Romney uses a bully tactic by creating lies about the so called "welfare to work" initiatives. He's telling lies just to attract white middle class voters who particularly hate to see income assistance paid to people who are unable to work. This terrible tactic also victimizes the people who receive income assistance to survive.

More than lies, Romney is damaging the reputation of the needy who rely on income assistance, aka "welfare".

People who receive income assistance are typically the frail elderly, disabled and chronically mentally ill. Single mothers with children are eligible, but the financial aid is adjusted for the number of dependents they support. President Clinton signed a "welfare to work" law requiring able bodied recipients of income assistance to work for this support, whenever possible.

President Obama recently signed legislation that Republican governors requested allowing waivers to be given to states that want to attempt new initiatives for income assistance. It turns out, this request could have been some sort of political entrapment, because the ink was hardly dry on the law when Romney made the lying accusation that the "welfare to work" initiative was overturned.  It's a Romney lie.

But a desperate Romney is throwing copiously wasteful amounts of money on an attack ad for the purpose of exploiting the poor by creating a lie about how they receive income assistance.

It's a despicable tactic.

This is yet another example of Romney's incompetent leadership.

Yet, it's beyond worrisome to realize how Romney's bumbling, lies and political mistakes doesn't disqualify him from running for US President.

Republicans who sincerely care about the leadership of our nation should demand a recall of Governor Romney's primary election results. In fact, Republicans need another candidate to lead their party into the 2012 presidential election. Romney is not the right man for any political leadership position.

Moreover, the number of people who receive income assistance aka "welfare" are overwhelmingly people who are in chronically poor health or experience serious disabilities.  It's wrong to victimize them as political pawns in attack ads for the purpose of bullying political opponents.  Romney is wrong to use "welfare to work" in expensive political ads.  He should withdraw the ads and/or remove himself as the Republican presidential candidate.  Preferably, both.



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