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Sunday, January 22, 2012

GOP Primary - No "Dance With Who Brung You"

Although Governor Mitt Romney lined up his political dance card with all the right partners, his attempt to sway South Carolina voters stepped on too many conservative toes, as rival Speaker Newt Gingrich was the bell of last night's rightwing primary election ball.

In fact, South Carolina's rightwing coalition decided against voting for the candidate their own state governor Nikki Haley decided to dance with - as she supported second place Romney.

What's a rightwing Madame governor to do when her rightwing constituent voters move to the rightwing of her own political tune?

Maybe Governor Haley needs to change the band music she dances to - maybe President Obama can even teach her to sing melodious Al Green tunes.  In any case, Governor Haley needs another dance partner.

Speaker Gingrich's South Carolina primary win came with chilling rhetoric. Mr. Gingrich raised a response from rightwing voters to his racist and anti-Canadian rhetoric - stereotyping food stamp beneficiaries as free loaders and allying Canada's business deals with China as somehow, "Hello?" Americans would be justifiably upset if Canadians said we have no business dealing with China, but that's essentially what Gingrich said in the South Carolina primary winners speech. In raising the now popular Canada to Texas gas pipeline lyrics, Gingrich said Canada is antagonizing American business interests by doing business with China, instead of with us.  This is another example of rightwing hypocrisy as "business is business", once upon a time, was the basic tenet of Republican free enterprise doctrine.

So, South Carolina voters rudely decided not to dance with Romney, the one who came to their state claiming two GOP primary victories. Of course, Palmetto voters could claim to be the ones jilted when it turned out Romney only won one primary, because Senator Santorum really took the Iowa vote after all were counted.

Most upsetting about the new post South Carolina dance card of GOP presidential primary front runners is their gladiator style "gottcha" politics. They waste millions of dollars slamming each other in negative paid ads, just to win their political party's nomination. Their unending negative attacks against each other are literally filling the political dance hall with rancid noise. My ears are loosing any ability to sort out how the front runners will make a positive difference for our nation.

Nonetheless, Democrats better create a midnight ball soon, as dancing in the GOP political arena reaches a frenzy point. Unbridled rightwing political noise could well consume voters into the fire exploding from chilling and deafening hypocritical nonsense.

Of course, to win a national election, the GOP needs to decide, and soon, who their dance partner candidate will be for the duration of the presidential campaign.

In a last dance effort to win the White House, they could collapse from exhaustion prior to their really big 2012 party convention in Tampa FL.



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