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Friday, January 06, 2012

Grand Old Party Creates Balkanisation - Unfit to Govern?

It's not enough to hear about individual differences among Republicans vying for the office of President of the United States. Now the newscasts are loaded with regional slams as well.

"He's a Northeast Republican", is one slam, as though being from the US Northeast doesn't qualify one for being a "real" Republican, in favor of smaller government and lower taxes.

Do these regional labelists know where America originated, or not?  Apparently not.

Another label is "Massachusetts Moderate", a slam referring to Republican Governor Romney as the past governor of the state, where the real December 16, 1846, Tea Party occurred in Boston Harbor.

How are Americans supposed to stand and honor our beautiful red-white-and blue flag representing unity of 50 states when the candidates coveting the nation's leadership position misuse concepts to Balkanise, (separate into quarrelsome states) our country?

Republicans are so splintered that being from the Northeast taints one as not worthy of being a "true" member of the Grand Old Party - essential to our nation's democratic two party political system

By the way, one term Governor Mitt Romney was not re-elected by Massachusetts voters.  This is yet another reason why all voters must think again about Governor Romney's presumed "electability" to win against President Obama later this year.

Electability? Add up the questions: (1) Iowa voters were twice lukewarm about Romney as a Republican president in their state's caucuses, in spite of rigorous campaigning and ridiculous spending by the candidate's campaign and political action committee (PAC); and (2) Romney struggles to maintain a decisive lead in his home state of New Hampshire while the Manchester Union Leader newspaper endorsed rival Newt Gingrich; (3) The Boston Globe, a leading US newspaper located in the Massachusetts, the state where the candidate was once governor, endorsed the former Governor of Utah, John Huntsman! Add up the facts and they don't equal "electability" to me.

My conclusion is that Republicans are not fit to govern at this time. They are balkanised among themselves because they cannot agree on who is a "true", or "real" or "neo-conservative". To be other than one of the above creates the impression one is a moderate conservative.  Paleeeze! This micro-examination of the concept of "conservative" is splintering the candidate's credibility and creating unflattering neologisms reflecting their individual narcissist political purposes.

As it turns out, the incendiary issues are not about how "conservative" each of the candidates are at all. Rather, it seems their constituents are obsessed by their individual religious beliefs and opinions about irrelevant social issues like homosexuality, or, "What is a Christian, anyway?", birth control and/or their belief (or not) in Creationism.

GOP faithful:  Please explain to me and other mystified voters where the ideology of the current Republican line up of Presidential "wanna-bees" is indicative of at just one person who can unite and govern the 50 United States of America under the US Constitution that, by the way, was written in the Northeast.


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