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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Romney Speaks French! Who Knew?

My North Carolinian friends, the Dubays, regularly communicate with a Canadian family, especially about American politics. Don Dubay is a retired US military officer.

Following is Don's response to the Canadian friend's query about recent European and French bashing going "viral", targeted toward GOP Presidential Contender Gov. Romney:

Don's tongue in cheek remark: "Ah, to the uninitiated, our Republicans are convinced that Europeans are akin to godless communists.  They (Europeans) actually have government run medical care, and even provide child care to unwed working mothers!  Why, it's rumored those latte sipping, white wine drinking socialists disapprove of everyone carrying guns.  Not only that, they have these high speed railways that go everywhere, encouraging people not to drive their gas guzzling cars, which is supposed to be a god given right - heck, these cheese eating limp wrist monkeys probably don't even own pickup trucks."

Don concludes with this perspective: "Welcome to our world where presidential primaries dominate the airwaves, morning, noon and night, for at least two years before the actual elections, and where the most inane utterings spill out of the mouths of seemingly sane people.  The Repubs are down to six of their original eight candidates, so far having gotten rid of Crazy Lady Bachman and Herman 'Pizza Man' Cain.  All but one of the remaining six want to invade Iran, bring Christian religion into public schools, do away with all environmental protections, drill for oil and mine minerals in our national parks, kick out Muslims, and do away with child labor laws.  The loner (Ron Paul) is the real crazy one, who wants to do away with all government and let every one fend for themselves, all in the name of "freedom."  And he's the guy who's presently in second place!  Help!!!"

My note:  One distinction between the "real GOP nominee", whoever "he" is, and President Obama may be that one speaks French and the other (meaning President Obama), does not!  Hypocritically, it's the conservative RWE-RWE's (rightwingextremists) who truly believe the French are all Socialists, but it's their own presumptive Romney candidate who is fluent in le francais!  

Some web pages run fact checking stories on all the candidates.  I submit another column needs to include a hypocrisy meter.

Oh my God (OMG), how much more ridicule can our country be subject to. In Catholic lexicon, it's called something like "self flagellation"!


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