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Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012: A Political Mayan Calandar Year

Is it possible the Mayans ended their compulsion with calendar making in the prophetic year 2012, because they foresaw the destructive forces of political gridlock?

Perhaps, what the Mayans really envisioned wasn't strong planetary alignments, as astronomy scientists believe; but, rather, they saw political polarization.

Were Mayans confused between political and astronomical alignments?

The analogy of a New Year's Day football game rises to the occasion as the US emerges out of a completely avoidable tax and gridlock polarization saga at the end of 2011. This year ending drama is now suspended in a temporary vacuum.  Nonetheless, both sides of the debate are in their respective political locker rooms.

Will the Republicans and Democrats come back to Washington DC after the Holiday truce, with the intention of working out a compatible budgetary game plan, for the betterment of the American People?

Or not?

I submit the Republicans, already entrenched in obstructionism, are intent on making sure no new ideas on the budget and tax reform gain any traction. In other words, "NNI = No New Ideas".  So, a Mayan Calendar symbol for the political prediction might look something like this:  GOP+2012=NNI. Any progressive ideas might help to re-elect President Barack Obama, the only game plan the negative GOP appears to care anything about. (And these GOP obstructionists take an oath to uphold the US Constitution!)

Democrats, on the other hand, are handing over Republican ideas for good job creation like a dealer at the poker game table.  Dealer turns a card, "federal money to fix crumbling bridges".  A GOP wager = "fold".  Dealer turns another card = "tax cuts" - to help middle class wage earners who (by the way) aren't receiving much in the way of inflation pay adjustments.  Another GOP wager on tax cuts = "fold".  Quickly, GOP officials disappear from the game table like a magnet has pulled them into limbo. Only the dealer remains, holding a deck of job making offers, none of which the GOP bidders want to claim as a winning hand.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama is looking Presidential.

Yet, it won't be long into the 2012 New Year before the dueling political factions in Washington DC will taint President Obama with their Mayan negativity symbols. Indeed, Mayans were apparently good at creating monster masks.

My hope, prayer and fervent New Year's Resolution is simple.  Let's bust the Mayan Calendar political myths by rising above destructive and polarizing gridlock in Washington DC.

Republicans and Democrats must raise taxes on the wealthiest of Americans who earn more than $1 million a year. We absolutely must give a tax cut to middle class Americans who need some income relief to keep up with rising costs. Then, let's work together to support a jobs bill that will create better bridges, improve our nations roads and support a high speed rail system - like other civilized countries are already doing.

Prediction: When the Mayan Calendar ends at the winter solstice 2012, perhaps the date will mark the beginning of a new era of bipartisan cooperation and American nation building. (After all, my prediction has as much credibility as all the others floating around.)

Maybe, the calendar obsessed Mayans didn't really mean for their calendar to end at 2012, at all.

Rather, let's assume they intended for a new generation of human beings to focus our sights on improving the human condition.  Maybe, Mayans realized that 2012 was the year when political forces holding our nation in suspended gridlock, must end.

Let's begin a progressive 2012 calender, by giving the Mayans credit for handing over the time mantle to a society intent on getting things done.



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