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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sitting Together - Eliminate Hyper-partisanship

We know what it means to play nice in the sandbox. 

Therefore, wouldn't it be nice to see our elected US Congress follow the advice of the kindergarten teachers who taught us to play nicely together?  There's a proposal moving forward for Republicans and Democrats to sit side by side, rather than in separate blocks, during the State of the Union Speech (Tuesday January 25th), when President Obama leads our nation into a discussion of the goals and objectives under his administration.
No Labels supports this proposal.

No Labels is a political movement organizing with the purpose of eliminating hyperpartisanship in our government.  In other words, one purpose of No Labels is to balance the extremism currently creating the viral and toxic environment in media discussions about politics and public policy issues.  A crescendo of this hyperpartisanship reached deafening levels following the tragic assasination attempt on Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in Tuscon, where 6 people were killed including a 9 year old girl, a US federal judge and a 30 year old congressional aide. 

Entirely too many people are, sadly, dead as a result of the Tuscon shooting incident. 

Although hyperpartisanship did not cause a crazy gunman to shoot innocent people in Tuscon, the poisionous tone of political rhetoric these days was vetted by the media as a result of the killings and assasination attempt.

Let's get behind the No Labels movement to end hyper-partisanship. In so doing, we support open discussion of issues without fear of retribution from anybody.  Freedom of Speech means just that, period.  We can debate issues for the purpose of resolving differences.  Compromise is how we all move forward.  Civics 101 teaches us that America's greatest moments came when our leaders engaged in compromise for the purpose of reaching a common goal. 

US history calls us to emulate the leadership of our founders.  They, too, had serious differences. Nonetheless, history teaches us how they put individual issues aside in order to form a more perfect nation.

Hopefully, the US Congress will take the lessons of this past tragic week in Tuscon very seriously, by leading us into an age whereby bipartisan discussion is supported rather than disdained.  Let's see our elected leaders sitting together during President Obama's State of the Union Address. 

Working together as Americans is a goal of No Labels. Let's eliminate hyper-partisanship in government.

Thank you to our kindergarten teachers for molding us according to The Golden Rule.  God Bless those who died in Tuscon. May we, the living, protect the freedoms we value to preserve our nation's future.  

Check  Not Left, Not Right, Just Forward.

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