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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Finally! Arizona Governor Jan Brewer Should be a Role Model

Finally, people can travel to Arizona without worrying about being stopped and checked for immigration status.

Judge Susan Bolton thoughtfully struck down provisions in the Arizona law which would have allowed for drag-net police actions against people who looked suspicious or "illegal". This law would have put everyone on notice for proving immigration status, without regard for how innocent people would have been impacted by such precipitous police authority.

I suggest Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer demonstrate how much she personally supports the law which she signed by being the first person to be called into question for her immigration status.  Hopefully, there would be media coverage to witness the event.  Let's see Governor Brewer be a role model for her own law.

Arizona's proposed law empowered police to clean up the state's illegal immigration problem like giving them a dirty dust rag to keep employers clean. Rather, I suggest the state's intolerant citizens who support the drag-net provisions focus, instead, on the crack down on the employers who solicit and hire illegals.  Therein is the core problem!  Judge Bolton upheld provisions in the law which focus on solving the problem without violating the US Constitutional right of Americans to live in freedom from unlawful imprisonment.  How many  Americans carry our immigration papers with us when we go to the grocery store?

Although Arizona will appeal Judge Bolton's ruling, the law Governor Brewer signed will likely be re-written regardless of how other federal courts rule.  

Meanwhile, speaking on behalf of all immigrants, legal and illegal, I am thankful for one Federal Judge who is standing up for the rights we are guaranteed under the US Constitution. Finally!

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Blogger Juliana Maine Writer said...

Comment sent via email from Joe in Bangor Maine with his permission:

Dear Julie:

Since the U.S. Government claims it is their responsibility to do what Arizona proposes to do...then it is time that they do it.
The U.S. Government is failing the people of the United States including those people who live in Arizona. I think it is about time that the U.S. stop wasting money and lives attempting to be the world's policeman and bring the troops home to preserve our own borders. Furthermore if you want to think future. America must think far more differently. our economic competitors grow stronger. China, India, Brazil etc..Europe is evolving into a super state which has a GNP far larger than the U.S. we should be focusing on developing stronger and stronger economic links with our neighbors and improved economy for the region will help solve the problem of illegal immigration. All Military power rests on economic power. Our Politicians are stuck in 1960's thinking when the U.S. was 60% of the GNP of the world. Today we are under 33% with the National Debt of 13 trillion while one quarter of American Children are on Food stamps. Time to take care of our own children instead of feeding the merchants of death.

Joe Pickering Jr.

10:31 AM  

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