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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Fodder for Saturday Night Live: Maine Governor LePage Needs an Agent - Please!

Regardless of how Maine people voted in the 2010 gubernatorial election, Governor LePage is now fodder for anybody who wants to make a living by using his inappropriate language with the press.  Believe it or not, Ripley would be able to make money off of Governor LePage by posting his outrageous language in a larger than life museum. Thirty-eight percent of Maine voters supported this man, even after he was filmed saying he would tell the President of our country to "Go to Hell!”  He lied during his campaign when he denied knowing anything about the Tea Party.  Yada...yada...yada!
On Friday January 14, 2011, he said "Kiss my butt" (did he mean "ass"?) in response to a reporter who asked about the Governor not attending an NAACP ceremony in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

In the spirit of Martin Luther King, it's time for Governor LePage to read some of the late Civil Rights hero's quotes to memorize for future use.  As the leaders of all Maine people including children, Governor LePage should learn the quote. "A leader is not a searcher of consensus but a molder of consensus".

In the Governor's inauguration speech, he called for Maine to work together, but he is dividing the state into small slices by using inappropriate language unbecoming of a head of a state.  Mainers are embarrassed, they are defensive and stunned.  A few are just as inappropriately calling the Governor's quotes "cute" and refreshing, as though he doused them with a blast of Arctic air.  Well, I ask, would those star struck defenders say the same if a professional teacher in their child or grandchild's school system used the very same language in front of a classroom?  Even more, what about using this language in a letter to parents? I don't think so.

These blogs and newspaper stories are divisive, definitely not building consensus around policies as important as the economy and education are to Maine's future.  When he thinks he's being cute with inappropriate language, all the Governor is doing is erasing whatever message he wants Maine people to hear about his policies.

As a role model, shame on you, Governor LePage.

It's inevitable for spoofs of Saturday Night Live or the Maine comedian Bob Marley to have a fun with the Governor's language.  All of which is to say - if Saturday Night Live would like a real politician doing jokes live from New York on a weekly basis, then ask them to connect with Maine Governor Paul LePage.

Does Governor LePage have a theater publicist or agent, yet?  Take him, please.



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