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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Freedom of speech should support truth telling.   This Constitutional privilege is  abused by liars.

For example, Americans have the right to say President Barack Obama is a Muslim.  Freedom of speech allows us to say these kinds of unproven statements. Whether he is Muslim or not must be proven by the truth tellers. Liars are using Freedom of Speech to simply put out a lie without having to explain themselves. Liars just say what they want because they have the right to do so.

This logic creates havoc in our present communications age because a lie boomerangs into a false "truth" a full 24 hours before the facts can catch up. 

So, when a television interviewer puts a microphone in front of a lady from New York who is attending a rally led by right wing extremists Glen Beck in Washington DC, and flippantly tells the world that President Obama is not supporting the US Constitution, this lie reverberates around the world before anybody else can say, "Hey, whaaaaaa?".   Indeed, the lady can tell an untruth like that, because she can.  Her freedom to lie is evidence that the US Constitution is supported. Moreover, the television interviewer did not use the microphone to ask the lady why she believed such a lie.

Of course, it is true, President Obama is supporting our Freedoms under the Constitution. I submit the lady from New York does not know what the US Constitution says.  Rather, she was reciting rhetoric heard from leaders of liars like Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh.  These people and others like them are focused on what brings glory on themselves.  Truth or untruth is secondary to their egos.

In other words, the lady who lied about Freedom of Speech has the right to do so because our US Constitution allows her this privilege.

But, where are the truth tellers?  Those who believe truth will ultimately prevail don't appear to be getting the right message out.  We must energize our truth telling efforts. Accountability must be demanded from those who get their lies out before the truth cycle catches up.  Furthermore, we must pound home the truth to drown out the lies.

Untruths and proving truths are consuming precious time. Rather than discussing issues in a calm and factual manner, media people are trying to disprove lies, which only perpetrates the problem.

Pretty soon, everybody gets confused, which is precisely what the liars want to see. Confused people tend not to vote. Rather than vote on a confusing issue or for a person they don't understand, voters tend to stay at home and keep quiet.  It's a reverse political strategy.  Energize your base and keep your opponents  confused, quiet and at home.

It's called "Freedom of Speech" - you have the right not to vote.  Use it to your advantage, say the liars.

Truth tellers must shout louder than the liars.  Freedom of Speech requires us to do so if we are to protect this right in the face of those who are abusive of the privilege.  Most important - truth tellers and the believers of truth must use our Freedom of Speech rights to vote for truth.



Blogger Kait B. Roe said...

Hey there Julie, I agree we need more truth tellers. But the problem is more complicated than that. I have come to believe that what has happened to America's traditional truth tellers, the press, has been subsumed by the "entertainment" industry. Historically, news was what the networks put on as a "public service" and the dramas, comedies and variety shows and the ad revenue from them paid for the always losing money news shows. Then CNN started. Remember that? Suddenly, "News" was a 24/7 cycle which made money and was able to support itself because there seemed to be the audience for this kind of programming. But there was a catch to it. People got tired of seeing the same stories over and over and well, the powers decided maybe they could add a bit of entertainment news, then they realized that the most outrageous news tended to get the most viewers. Then Fox news was created and Murdoch and Ailes figured out how to manipulate the news stories and the "narrative" to move a specific audience a specific direction. Truth died that day in the shade of the almighty dollar, and for the nefarious ideology of NewsCorp. A very sad story, but that is where we are now. And now everything we see, on every channel,is dependant on its ability to produce revenue.

1:39 PM  

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